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worried babys hungry

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gillianh22 Mon 18-Aug-14 11:48:33

I don't usually latch baby to feed hers 5wks old I usually express and feed but finally two days ago I got jim to latch and completely relied on my breasts. He doesn't latch much maybe 6-8 times in 24hrs.
Hr falls asleep quite peacefully on his own without me having tk rock him etc....
if he was hungry woulf he be sleeping because he's so hungry or would he be crying?
I'm just worried he's sleeping as he's lacking energy from.feeding or he's happily content.
Yhank you

CelticPromise Mon 18-Aug-14 11:55:37

Hello. 6-8 times sounds pretty normal. Is he having wet and dirty nappies? Sounds like you have lost confidence in direct bf. I would suggest you go to a group for RL support, and maybe post here in the breast and bottle feeding section where you will get great advice.

gillianh22 Mon 18-Aug-14 17:30:39

I thought It had bern posted there. I've clicked the wrong thing. Thank you.

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