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Looking for encouraging words...

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Fretty Sun 17-Aug-14 11:47:26

My beautiful 2 month old little girl had prolonged jaundice. When they were investigating possible causes it turned out she/we have been infected by toxoplasmosis late in pregnancy :-(
Had no visible problems or symptoms at birth or in her 1st month but now we have to have an eye, ear and brain scan to establish if she has or will have any damage/ disability. I am terrified and been on the net all weekend. Some sites say she will definitely have problems, others that it's all treatable and she might just have the infection (treatable) and no further problems...
Does anyone have any experience with this infection?
Many thanks

Sirzy Sun 17-Aug-14 13:15:05

I have no experience of it, and hope your lo is alright. But please step away from google you will only make yourself worry more.

sammy90 Wed 20-Aug-14 20:46:20

No good looking at google for nothing I agree with the above. Whatever you look up its always made worst and will run rings around your head, which makes it all the more worst. Can't worry too much until the results are proved. I hope the result will be a good one and sorry to hear that it couldn't had been caught earlier as it should have like many other illness or disabilities where the professionals should have done more.hmm

tigerlily83 Thu 21-Aug-14 14:41:17

This might not make you feel any better, I am 30 years old and my mother had toxoplasmosis when pregnant with me, it was caught and we both had antibiotics. We both turned out absolutely fine, please try not to worry yourself sick and good luck, focus on the positive.

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