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Ahhhh the nits are winning help me!!

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Sleepysheepsleeping Thu 14-Aug-14 09:22:48

Don't read if squeamish about nits!

Ok nit experts can anyone explain what is going on here and why I haven't got rid of the nits yet!!

Discovered nits on Saturday. Very tiny live ones, maybe 30 or so first comb through . Nitty gritty combed that day about three times that day getting more live ones out each time. DD2 only had maybe 3-4 and me the same. None on the baby thank god! (She did not take kindly to the nitty gritty comb)

We didn't manage to do the nit lotion on Saturday and did on Sunday night. Monday morning I wet combed with the nitty gritty comb and neither DD1 or DD2 had any at all so I thought the lotion had worked - hurrah!

So I was working Mon and tues and didn't get a chance to comb. Wet nitty gritty combed girls last night in the bath. DD2 had none but DD1 is crawling again!!! I found just 1 tiny one on me. But whhhhhyyyy is DD1 crawling?! I don't understand! Last night found 4-5 big bastards and loads of tiny ones. I can understand they hatch but thought was 7 days to hatch and also the comb would have got the eggs out and I can't understand why she has big buggers when I did the lotion and there were no nits the next morning! Where are they coming from and what should my next strategy be?????
Should I just accept lotion doesn't work and nitty gritty her 3 times a day? I can't bear it!

Sleepysheepsleeping Thu 14-Aug-14 09:23:42

Sorry it was DD1 with 30 odd discovered on Saturday and DD2 just had 3-4.

Sleepysheepsleeping Thu 14-Aug-14 10:49:30

Anybody?? I can promise live nit updates, DH is about to check DD1's hair again ( I am at work)

Creatureofthenight Thu 14-Aug-14 10:56:31

I have heard that fabric conditioner is good for getting rid of nits - but google it for exact instructions as have never tried it myself!

ilovepowerhoop Thu 14-Aug-14 10:57:04

was she in contact with other children to pick up more adults? eggs can hatch from something like day 5/6 and become adult in about 6 days and ready to mate/lay eggs again. Comb every 2/3 days for 14 days, no need to do it multiple times a day

ilovepowerhoop Thu 14-Aug-14 11:01:51

tells about the life cycle: - What lotion did you use and did you use enough?

LynetteScavo Thu 14-Aug-14 11:06:37

Use Hedrin, comb while it's in. Next day sit child in sub and pick off any eggs you see. Repeat a few days later. Job done.

Sleepysheepsleeping Thu 14-Aug-14 11:12:29

I used a whole bottle of lyclear which the pharmacist recommended as only needs to be left in for 15 mins, rather than overnight, perhaps it is not as good as hedrin? Is hedrin to be left in overnight? Will get hedrin today! I really thought having done lotion and then combing again a few days later she would be ok!!she had a play date on Monday but they were in the garden the whole time not much head touching going on. I will text the mum though.

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