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rash that looks like milk spots on 5 year old dd any ideas ?

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misstiredbuthappy Wed 13-Aug-14 12:51:45

Dd whos 5 has got a bit of a rash just on her face mainly her forehead her nose and at the side of her mouth. They look like milk spots. The ones at the side of her mouth are redish. You can only see them if you are next next to her if you see what I mean. She isnt unwell at all she hasnt even noticed them.

Anybody any idea what it could be ? I thought it was a heat rash at first but shes cool and its not even hot. Cant get a doctor's appointment till friday afternoon hmm

loveheart45 Thu 14-Aug-14 10:13:59

What you been need to do: get a glass see through cup and press gently down on the spots. If you can see the spots take her to accident and emergency if you cant see you there the spots she should be fine. Apply some sudocream for faster healing.

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