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3 year old not going to the toilet

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Tiredmum457 Thu 10-Jul-14 11:27:16

I am looking for some advice. I have a 3 year old daughter and for the past few weeks she is holding her wee in and refusing to go to the toilet. She has always been really good with going to the toilet and was really easy to potty train. She is saying it is hurting her when she goes, I have taken a wee sample to the docs and they have said it is clear of infection so have left it at that. It is becoming a regular fight everyday to get her to go. I have had to take toys off her this morning just to get her to go.

She doesn't show any signs of needing to go to
the toilet. She is only going about twice a day.

She has another appointment at the doctors but just wanting some advice.

SideOfFoot Sun 13-Jul-14 17:49:02

Been there, done that with my dd when she turned three. But dd was not at all receptive to coming out of nappies. She would hold it in for ages but she never complained that it hurt, she just didn't like going.

I had to prompt her to go, tell her to go, have you tried that. In fact, it was like she needed my permission to go, I still was prompting her to go when she started school.

Try not to get annoyed with her. Could you suggest she went before or after you. Would she go back to peeing in the potty, maybe a step backwards but worth a try. My dd hated the potty even more than the toilet.

Does she still wear a nappy at night? I think my dd took the opportunity to pee in the nappy before it was removed first thing in the morning and as soon as it was put on at night.

Not much help, sorry but I feel for you, it's stressful isn't it. Btw, my dd just got better on her own and eventually, maybe at five and a bit, went with no bother but it was a long drawn out process. Btw, my health visitor was no help at all and I never consulted a gp.

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