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Pollution in London - new research about babies lungs

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Xenia1414 Wed 09-Jul-14 11:21:08

Hi everyone .. My first post so hope I get this right! I read this article the other day that research shows that children growing up in polluted areas like London causes stunted lung development

Now DH and I have been the

Xenia1414 Wed 09-Jul-14 11:24:35

Oops sorry pressed send too soon!!! Not a good start lol

DH and I have been through millions of discussions and we really feel like Central London is the best place for our family for all the reasons people have debated before and we would have a great quality of life (we both grew up in suburbs and were bored as children and didn't enjoy it at all)

But I have to be honest .. Now 3 month old DS is here reading these things makes me worried .. Has anyone else living in Central London made peace with this kind of issue? Live near river instead??? Any other views or are we being selfish and should we move to the burbs?

Thanks all

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