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upper lip tie issues resolved

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knightlydia Tue 08-Jul-14 15:05:30

Hello, i wanted to post about upper lip tie. Its not something there is a lot of info about out there and i wanted to share my experience in case its useful.

My DS2 was a very sloppy feeder from birth, popping on and off, shallow latch, clicking noises, gagging, squashed up nipples (me not him lol). I found at 8 weeks he had posterior tongue tie and it was clipped.

Feeding improved but not enormously, and he couldnt seem to get a proper grip on a bottle either so that wasnt an option. I figured he was forever a sloppy feeder who would need me to hold my boob in his mouth until he could handle a cup!

Then i read this article about lip tie, looked in his mouth and found he had a severe lip tie!

I was sure this was was was affecting our BF as he couldnt flange his upper lip at all, which is why he couldnt keep a seal on the boob. Having looked into it more i found it isnt routinely looked for or sorted out on the NHS until later in childhood, if it causes speech or dental issues, and then it is done under general anaesthetic.

I really wanted to sort this out to enable feeding if i could, and prevent any further issues down the line, and found a paedeatric dentist in north london who specializes in treating lip and tongue tie with a special laser (no painkiller required). I really didnt want general anaesthetic for one so young. My DS was finished in 10 mins, hardly cried at all and now just 2 days on is an amazing feeder, I cant tell you how much it has improved , i am just so pleased we did it. I only wish we had noticed the lip tie earlier as he could have resolved both issues at the same time sad

This is the dentist if its of any use to anyone at all, i know they are very few and far between (just a few dentists doing this in the UK i believe). It is a bit ££ but we have found it worth it so far.

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