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Sporadic high temperatures that go away within a few hours?

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nomdemere Tue 08-Jul-14 11:34:35

School has just called as my 6yo has a temperature of 39 and doesn't feel well. I'm on my way to get him.

This happened last week as well. An hour after getting home, he was fine, temperature normal and he played cricket in the garden all afternoon.

It seems to happen quite often. Spike of temperature which disappears again within hours. You'd think he was malingering if it wasn't for the temperature.

Anyone had anything like this?

Mumyum1 Tue 08-Jul-14 21:14:47

If the temp is taken after a hot drink then it can show 'fever'
But honestly would a 6 yo know that and how would he do this at school so I'm inclined to agree with you that not malingering!

With some chronic infections like TB and also with some abscesses as well as blood cancers you can have a spiking temperature where it swings from high to low and vice versa but but then he would be more unwell. So it might be that it's just some viral infection.

I would suggest you take him to your GP and demand at least blood tests - full blood count, inflammatory markers like ESR etc. if it all comes back as normal then the worry is gone!!!!! If there is anything that is abnormal then you would be picking it up very early, which is always a good thing!!

Good luck and don't stress too much.

nomdemere Tue 08-Jul-14 22:31:54

Thanks Mumyum. He sees a paed (for a different, long-term condition) and a year ago she did blood tests on him for this temperature thing (at that time it was lasting several days at a time and making him much more unwell). In the end, she decided it was recurrent strep throat and he had two long courses of penicillin which seemed to stop it in its tracks. I don't know if this is a lesser version of that starting up again, or something different.

Mumyum1 Tue 08-Jul-14 23:47:08

Did she do urine culture and throat swab as well? Even if she did I think it's worth repeating. Wouldn't mind being kept in the loop if you don't mind!! Very interested to know what might be going on!

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