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URGENT - lumps in 18 month boy groin

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39snjlk Wed 02-Jul-14 15:37:47

I'm very new to this but I've exhausted every other option and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Sorry for the long post but please do read!

I first noticed lumps in my sons groin before Xmas 2013, he was around 10-11 months.

I wasn't too worried as they seemed small and as his 12 month check was coming up I planned to mention it there. Unfortunately I didn't make a list of things to ask and forgot - you know what it's like!

Anyway the months went by and I completely forgot about these lumps until they started to grow. They were now visible through the skin but only slightly. Further to this, I couldn't find his testicles - something I had felt before I'd noticed the lumps months before.

I planned to take him to be weighed that week so mentioned it there. I was horrified to hear that the HV recommended seeing GP for a referral for investigations and possibly surgery - I felt like I was to blame for it all because i had forgot to mention months earlier!

There is a large lump on right that you can see under the skin and a palpable one on left although not visible under skin. HV could feel left testicle but not right.

Off I went to GP - was told come back in 6 wk if they are still there. 1 wk later they had grown in size but the GP I trust the most was on holiday. I planned to go to walk in centre but with him being young (had this problem before) I thought it best to go straight to the hospital. We was there hours and saw doctors and surgeons mystified by this lump - they couldn't find either testicle and was concerned that that was the cause of the problem. They wanted to refer him to the children's hospital.

We waited 3 months til out appointment date. In the meantime (I want to point out) that the lump on the right increased and decreased in size, corresponding with being able to feel the testicle or not. I was advised by HV to take pics when they were having a 'big' day cause Sod's law all is well and good on appt day. I did this on the next 'big' day.

I mentioned this at the (2 minute long!!!!) appt at children's hospital. He said nothing to worry about every little boy has these lumps. Didn't seen too concerned about the testicle issue. I understand he's the expert and I'm not particularly doubting him. Just with both me and my mum being from an all girl family I don't know much about little boys bits - I'd like to know DO all boys have these lumps (glands apparently) which correspond with disappearing testicles?! Is this normal?! (I imagine not)
I feel at ease being told it's nothing to worry about yet I feel like I'm worrying more.

If it is only glands why did no other doctor come to this conclusion? Why does it correspond with his testicles being there or not?

The appt was 3 wks ago. We've had a particularly large lump day today so have taken another pic and taken to mums net for help! Please see attached image - this is from today!!! This is larger than when I took pics in prep for children's hospital appt.

Any experience with this problem with your boys?
Any help at all? Suggestions? Do I ask to be re referred and ask for further investigation?


No my boy never has those. I'd be worried too. I'd push for re referral tbh

39snjlk Fri 04-Jul-14 19:15:30

The day after I posted this I recieved a letter saying 'his mum was worried about the lumps' and 'his mum was concerned both his testes were not present' - yes I was worried but we were referred not because I was worried but because several other doctors and surgeons were concerned about it and didn't know what it was. I fail to see how in a 2 min appointment he knew what doctors before him couldn't work out, regardless of how qualified or experienced he is.
On said letter it said that care is now being passed over to gp. Thing is it's a waste of time me going back to the gp but it doesn't warrant a trip to the hospital. Would a trip to the walk in centre do for this?

Posting online isn't going to solve anything but really at a loss with this. Took him to see HV again to be weighed and mentioned the situation to her again she seemed to think that things just aren't right, but that we must respect the opinion of the specialist which I fully understand.


pinksummer Fri 04-Jul-14 19:20:11

Nothing helpful to add but my 11mth old has small lumps, to be honest I just thought they were glands so I shall be watching this with interest and remember to mention it at his jabs!

Funkytown Fri 04-Jul-14 19:26:25

Hernia ??

Toothytwo Fri 04-Jul-14 19:28:36

I know nothing medically, but the one thing that stands out to me is "we must respect the opinion of the specialist". No. You don't.

All your points are valid and you should trust your instincts until you're happy with the treatment you get.

I would go back to the GP and make a fuss. I would also talk to PALS as you can push the angle that nothing was explained and you got two mins after three months with no clear answers to yours and other professional's concerns.

MrsPixieMoo Fri 04-Jul-14 19:35:22

OP whereabouts in the country are you? I paid £300 for my DD to see a private paediatrician who spent an hour examining her really thoroughly and found something wrong with her heart. I'd been fobbed off by the NHS and when she was 8 months old I had enough and took her privately. They've been amazing, appt within days and on one occasion on the same day. I know not everyone can afford this and that I'm very luck that I can, but I would gladly PM you the details of this very lovely practice. Instinct is so important and I agree you shouldn't just take a 2 min consultation and a patronising letter.

TheCheeseAlarm Fri 04-Jul-14 19:42:36

DS2 had lumps like these, both sides, but also backs of knees and just about everywhere. They were swollen lymph nodes (glands) and apparently linked to his eczema. They swelled when his eczema flared. He's 13 now, pretty much eczema free and completely lump free.

Northumberlandlass Fri 04-Jul-14 19:50:33

My DS had a lump at this age, top of his leg on the inside on his thigh.

I mentioned it in passing to GP when I had an appt. She said that boys get lumps!! But that she wanted it checked.

Next thing I know I have a letter saying surgery was required. It was quite stressful at the time.
DS went into surgery & had it removed. It was a fatty lump! Apparently boys get lumps!

So, please don't worry. I know it's easier said than done.

DS hasn't had anymore lumps at all x

pinksummer Tue 08-Jul-14 18:04:33

Just to update from my earlier post, I was in A&E with my boy last night for something unrelated and I asked the dr to take a look at his lumps and he said they are fine, they are just lymph nodes. He said as long as they aren't swollen they are fine..maybe another question to ask?

Hedgehogging Wed 09-Jul-14 10:24:28

I'm posting with a GP hat on- they're lymph nodes as far as I can tell and very unlikely to be related to his testicles. As a PP said you can often see them getting enlarged when the body is reacting to some kind of illness or inflammation (like eczema). As long as he is well in himself, eating, putting on weight etc I wouldn't think they'd be a problem in themselves. If concerned I might run a blood test just to rule out infection/anaemia etc. Have you had any done?
I'd be more concerned about the testicles TBH- are they there or not? If the doctors think they aren't your DS should probably have an ultrasound to check.

39snjlk Wed 28-Jan-15 15:36:48

I couldn't find this post when I wanted to reply months ago and I've only came across it today after a 3rd unsuccessful hospital visit.

I was told 3 months ago at another hospital appointment re the lumps that they were glands and should be gone before my next appt in 3 months time (which was today) and that id probably need to cancel the appt. lumps are still here and today the same doc decided that because they come and go in size they are not glands (???) she was the one who told me they were 3 months ago!!!!!! She actually said it was glands but that the increase and decrease in the 'lump' size was probably testes and that he was ok to be discharged. So I've gone home and thought about it and searched for this post to see what you lovely people suggested originally.

We have had blood tests and urine tests which returned fine. My question now is why if it is his testes has he been discharged? It just seems that nobody is absolutely certain. Mind, she seemed dead set 3 months ago that it was gland and that they'd be gone by today's appt but seems to have changed her mind....

Sorry for the long post I'm just not getting anywhere in the sense that we haven't been given a definite diagnosis to the problem yet hes been discharged....

39snjlk Sun 12-Jul-15 18:35:21


Thidab Sat 27-Jan-18 11:48:24

Do you find out what is that lump yet? My 5 years old daughter has that lump also, looks the same to your picture and the same right side of her groin. Went to children's hospital dr said is looks fine to him. But i still worry. Did you son pain around there? Was that lump firm or soft and movable?

bearcubfamily Sun 04-Feb-18 17:14:54

My son 13 months old has lymph node groin area for a months now. Stay the same size. We did blood work on Friday, should get the result by Monday. His pediatric said it could be from bacteria or virus. He had MMR on 5th Jan and got fever and cold following week. How about yours?!

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