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2mo sleeping long time - just wrong time!!

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IndiaBound Mon 23-Jun-14 15:22:03

hi all.

Well DD2 has been completely different to DD1 who slept for 7 hours plus from about 6 weeks old.

DD2 is now 2mo and will typically, around the parents' sleeping hours, sleep from about 9 or 10pm to 3am and then through to about 9am.

What we would obviously like is to get one of these stints to start at say midnight.

She is very adamant when she wants milk (screams) and will spit out when she doesn't. She prefers warm to cool.

Is the trick to wake her at say 11.45pm and then offer her milk and get as much down her as possible, or something else?

We've never faced this before but as you can imagine knowing someone will be up from 3am to 3.30am every night is wrecking our life - the joys of a new baby eh!



runningonwillpower Mon 23-Jun-14 15:26:42

Anytime I tried to adjust my baby's sleeping pattern to suit me, it backfired big time. The baby just started waking up at shorter intervals, none of which were desirable.

2 months is very young. I'd tough it out. She'll sort it out in due course (according to her own timetable, I'm afraid).

Good luck.

Daveface Mon 23-Jun-14 15:43:14

Your baby is only weeks old and is already sleeping really well! Up once at 3am ish! That sounds good to me!

I wouldn't try and change it, sounds good enough already! mother of two crap sleepers

RoganJosh Mon 23-Jun-14 15:47:47

Being up for 30 minutes is wrecking your life? Perhaps you should go to bed a little earlier.

SideOfFoot Mon 23-Jun-14 18:51:20

With dd I always woke her bout 10ish for a feed, not sure if it helped her sleep more through the night or not tbh. Dd didn't object so thats what i did. Try waking your baby an see what happens. No harm done.

Friedbrain Fri 11-Jul-14 00:33:32

2 month old..

Waking once....

You have it easy, trust me!!!

CheesyBadger Fri 11-Jul-14 00:51:05

Blimey! Dd woke at 3am until 14 months! I think your first sleeping through is more unusual than your seconds waking

midnight1983 Fri 11-Jul-14 04:00:40

Honestly, this pattern sounds amazing to me! You are very lucky.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 13-Jul-14 08:54:47

I think in the general scheme of babies you have had the good fortune to get two pretty good sleepers.
Getting up once at 2 months is right at the low end of nightly feeding schedules, my DD woke every two hours till she was 10 weeks and even at 12 weeks was waking twice despite a dream feed. I also have friends with refluxing babies who screamed most of the night every night till they were a year old.
There is a risk that if you try to push her you will get something worse.

FliptheThread Sun 13-Jul-14 09:13:12

Honestly once a night at 8 weeks is pretty good.

I know it's hard when your second is different to your first. My first child, like yours, slept through from 8 weeks. He was and still is a brilliant sleeper. My second child has just turned two and is still up at least once a night. Some nights she is up 5 times still. It's certainly a shock but you muddle through it.

FliptheThread Sun 13-Jul-14 09:14:55

Sorry he was sleeping through 10 - 7 at 6 weeks and completely through 7 - 7 at 8 weeks.

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