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JIA- dd1 just diagnosed with arthritis aged 8

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scrummummy Sun 15-Jun-14 18:10:10

we've been trying to get a diagnosis for dd1 for a couple of years as we thought her mobility problems were arthritis. dh has it and was diagnosed at 20.
so is there anyone out there whose dcs also has it.
we've been referred to GOSH to sort out a plan.

DrewsWife Sun 15-Jun-14 18:30:30

I have an 18 year old with enthesistis related arthritis. there is another thread with another young family rwcently diagnosed. hopefully they will find you.

oh and try not to be too worried. I promise it will get better. depndant on the sub type there is a chance it will burn out. medicarions are amaing now. grin

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