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could this be Slaped Face syndrome?

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craigslittleangel Sun 15-Jun-14 06:42:56

My dd is 3.5. When I picked her up on Friday feom nursery she xomplained her tummy hurt and later that evening she suddenly developed a high tempreture 40.5. I gave her some Nurafen ans yesterday she woke normally. We had a typical Saturday, and then again in the evening she complained that her tummy and head hurt. I took her temperature and had her lie down. She appeared 10 minutes later with a red cheek with raised spots. Almost as if she had been scolded. The rash spread qquickly to just behind her esr, with her ear going red. Tempersture still high. I called 1111, but in the time it took for thr doctor to call us back, her temperature had dropped to 36 and the rash had faded a lot. Within a furth 30 minutes it was gone. No other symptons and as soon as 5hey started to go, she returned to her normal self. At first ee though she had reacted to some5hing, but a she hss been taken an over the counter antihistamine for hayfeaver I doubt thst. Plus, I can not think of anything thst would set off a reaction. When I looked it uo, it seemed to fitSlapped Face Syndrome, but the rash went within an and a half and all the websites say it lasts a couple of days. Could this be slapped face? Or what else could it be?

Mumof3xox Sun 15-Jun-14 06:47:46

Do you know if anyone else at my nursery has had slapped cheek?

Icyblue Sun 15-Jun-14 08:08:01

The slapped cheek rash usually comes and goes. It may be particularly noticeable in bright sunlight and when the skin gets warm.

craigslittleangel Sun 15-Jun-14 10:43:14

Thanks guys. I haven't herd of any other child having it at nursery. This morning the rash has appeared on her thigh and under her chin. But again , it's disappeared. I've called 111 again and just waiting for a call back.

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