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How do you know if its chicken pox?

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PukousMucous Sat 14-Jun-14 13:10:26

Over a week ago DS (19 months) started to get raised red spots which looked to me like small bites. They did not bother him and he appeared well, happy with no fever nausea etc.
The spots have increased in number this week but he is still well. There are not loads, definitely not more than 40 and that's an over estimate. Nursery saw them, have said its chicken pox and that he can't come back til they have scabbed over. Im not convinced it is chicken pox cos there are no blisters and no yellow centres to the spots. How can I be sure, this seems remarkably trivial to bother out of hours especially as he really is very well.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Shortybabe7 Mon 16-Jun-14 12:11:54

Hi. How is your little one now? I'm in same predicament. Spots on torso back armpits and temple. No temp or illness. But spots aren't red or blistering and they've been there since Saturday.

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