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DS 10 months, constant small little poos!

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dodi1978 Sat 14-Jun-14 11:09:12


Has anybody had that? My DS, 10 month, started having some runny poos on Tuesday. His 'main poos' - I mean the biggies - have started firming up a bit again (although they are still on the yellow / green side rather than the more adult like brown they used to be).

The main problem though is that he has got constant little tracer fires (tiny poos, on the runny side) - I think I've already changed six nappies since 6 o clock this morning! I always change him immediately as he also has a bit of a sore bottom because of all of this.

Any idea what this is? The nursery actually asked us to stay at home on Friday (yesterday) because of this, and I am keen to get this sorted to that he can go back on Monday. He is not otherwise unwell, happy and chipper as ever, eating well...

One other thing is that, for three days running now, he has woken up with a dirty nappy (about 45 minutes before his normal wake up time). It's a pain because of the lack of sleep, but also because there is always some leakage into the sleeping bag - cue constant washing. Normally he gives me his first delivery of the day between milk feed and breakfast, like clockwork.

Any ideas? I won't be able to go to the GP before Monday, and don't really think it is necessary because he is otherwise well. But I need to make sure he can go to nursery...

Homerun Mon 16-Jun-14 07:20:04

It sounds like constipation - possibly overflow due to hard poo blocking the passage. Yes, see your GP definitely .

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