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Anxious Mum Caught baby's finger in washing machine door - do i need to go to A&E

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TigerLily666 Fri 13-Jun-14 22:58:10

I thought the washing machine door was locked. Turned around to find DS (11 months) swinging on door. Rushed over to grab him before he fell over and banged head on hard tiles. I pushed the door to while i was holding him but he suddenly let out a huge scream. Think he had got a bit of finger in the gap between the door and machine and I was crushing / pinching it. I released the door and he didn't cry any more and didn't seem to be in pain. All fingers look OK and there is no sign of bruising / damage. He is using his hands as normal and can straighten and bend fingers. I didn't think there was a problem but have just spent an hour reading posts that say finger injuries aren't always obvious and there can be damage to growth plates, nails etc, Now have worried myself sick. DH thinks I'm barmy and overreacting. Would there be bruising or swelling or redness if there was a problem. Would welcome other mum's advice. Am feeling so guilty and a useless mummy.

Sunflowersmiling Fri 13-Jun-14 23:59:13

Firstly you are not a useless mummy...if you were you wouldn't care, or be worrying about this.

My personal thoughts are this (but im no expert). If bubs is not in pain, can move all fingers and theres no swelling, then wait till morning and go see GP. If theres any indication of pain or swelling tonight then go hospital for check up.
If you are not sure, try NHS direct online. They will phone you back and talk through.

Sending hugs to you all x

Madlizzy Sat 14-Jun-14 00:12:43

He'd let you know if it was sore. See how he is in the morning.

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