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Endless conjunctivitis - need help or reassurance

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hutchblue Fri 13-Jun-14 15:01:09

DS - nearly 3 has had conjuntivitis for nearly 4 months now. His eyes never really seem to clear properly. Some days there is very little discharge but often there is yellow greeny discharge that is very crusty - but sometimes wet and gooey when he first wakes up. Other times it is just yellow and pale.

We've had the eyes swabbed by the doctor and it came back as negative for an infection. They said he will 'grow out of it'.

We tried chlorophenicol - cleared for few days. And again, cleared for a few days, then fusidic acid, cleared for a week, then back again - which is why we got the eye swab done. (still not sure if there was enough gunk on it to bring back true result).

We've washed his eye area and lashes repeatedly with a dilute johnsons baby shampoo solution day after day, night after night and this seems to help the most but even though we do it regularly, it seems to be no guarantee that the next morning there won't be any discharge.

Recently it had been much better - just two dried up little balls of yellow - like normal sleepy dust - the last few mornings but this morning it was back to greeny yellow gunge.

He's had a language delay so it's hard for him to tell me what he's feeling but this morning he pointed to his eyes and just said 'eyes' over and over again and looked miserable. And so was I.

To top it all off, I now have it too - I've not got it all these months. I put in some drops (chlorophenicol) and Oh My Gosh it stings. No wonder he goes crazy when we drop this stuff in his eyes (which we don't anymore as it didn't clear things) Can even see puffy bit of my conjuntiva next to my tear duct which is a bit freaky.

Can anyone help him/ us? Will it go eventually? I feel so bad for him and have thought I should ask for a referral to a specialist?

lljkk Fri 13-Jun-14 17:09:29

tbh, I found cj in age 5months+ cleared fine by itself as long as I did absolutely nothing. No cleaning whatsoever. Bit of Calpol for irritation & gone in 5-8 days. Never spread to anyone else, either. Whereas if I cleaned it in any way it always got much worse.

I'll get blamed for saying that so will hide this thread now. If you have tried the absolutely nothing as well, then I imagine specialist is the only route.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Fri 13-Jun-14 20:13:16

Are you washing your hands, keeping separate towels. It's really infectious. Also what are you cleaning with? Don't use the same piece of cotton wool or whatever, wipe once and throw away, use separate pieces for each eye. I would just clean with water.

Icyblue Sun 15-Jun-14 08:35:18

Sounds like belpharitis. Continue with the diluted baby shampoo. Try a warm compress. Simply rinse a clean cloth under warm water and place over closed eyes for 5 - 10 mins. After the warm compress wash eyes as usual with diluted shampoo.

Belpharitis can be caused by a number of things, one being allergies. So maybe try an eye drop such as Opticrom for a few days to see if there are any improvement.

Have you got an eye hospital nearby? You can take your child to the walk in and be seen by a specialist. His eyes will be checked with a slit lamp to see what is causing the problems.

tacal Thu 19-Jun-14 18:27:36

my ds had recurring conjunctivitis when he was little. He is at school and has grown out of it.

He gave up cows milk and I have always wondered if the cows milk caused the conjunctivitis.

I hope it gets better soon.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Thu 19-Jun-14 18:33:38

Is his eye ball red/bloodshot? If not, it could be blocked tear ducts, which typically sorts itself by 2yrs (according to my GP). DD was closer to 3 before hers cleared completely, whereas DS with his gigantic head had grown out of it by 18 months.

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