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dd has a breast lump?

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hashtagwhatever Wed 11-Jun-14 08:28:07

This morning whilst doing dd 6y buttons I noticed one side of her chest looks swollen she has a hard lump under her breast it is sore to touch.

I have never noticed this before, although she has said it has been there a while. Definitely hasn't been swollen like today as I would have noticed.

No appts left at drs today so waiting for a call back.

Any one have experience of this. Dd 10 has started puberty but hasn't ever experienced anything like this.

ilovefrozenthenewfilm Wed 11-Jun-14 19:39:42

Did you get a call back from the GP? Could it be her glands up? Sorry can't offer anything useful, hope you have heard from the GP

Roxie85 Wed 11-Jun-14 21:39:09

6yo seems young but when i was about 10-11 i went to the gp due to hard lumps and was told it was my breast buds?! (I assumed they meant glands but werent sure i would understand)

hashtagwhatever Thu 12-Jun-14 14:11:34

Yes thank you, we did see the gp who said it may just be breast tissue and to keep an eye on it.

She also asked if there is breast cancer in the family. Which there is my mother has had it ans my grandmother died from it. Didn't do much to reassure me really. 6 does seem very young for it to be puebety related.

Dr wasn't overly concerned as dd has no other symptoms such as nipple discharge Ect.

Another thing I find bizarre is you will see a different dr each visit but they will always ask my opinion of what I think it is first, is that the norm?. If I could diagnose myself or the dc I wouldn't have come. Odd

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