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Non blanching spots...?!

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roomonthatbroomforme Mon 09-Jun-14 22:26:57


So when my daughter was 2, she was ill. High temp cold ect. Saw the GP who found 2 non blanching spots on her tummy... Sent is straight to A and E and resulted in 7 nights in hospital on IV antibiotics.
No real answer, she didn't get any more spots.
Just still had a temp and seemed ill.
Got put down to been a bad virus that she couldn't cope with.
Anyway.... Fast forward 3 years.....

So since the beginning of January we have had 4 hospital visits, with one been an overnight stay, for Non blanching spots. Always on her chest, sides and back.
Sometimes she is ill with it. Sickness or cold.
Sometimes she seems absolutely fine just has these spots.

The hospital is always really happy to see her and tell me I must bring her straight in if I ever seen any of these spots.

Think I am just at a point now that I feel there is some reason behind it happening.
Allergy? I just have a gut feeling that it is leading to something. But I don't know what.
She has had blood taken a few months ago that showed nothing.
Should I push for another blood test?

We were at the hospital on Friday night for 5 hours. This time she got sent home from school after been sick. Spent the afternoon on the sofa very drowsy. When she woke I checked he over and found the spots. Took her straight to A an E where I was more concerned about the drowsiness. After a few hours she perked up and they put it down to a virus. But she woke up Saturday morning absolutely fine.... would a virus just last 7 hours? At the moment she just seems really tired. But is eating fine and no temp.

Anyone elses child get non blanching spots?


PJ67 Mon 09-Jun-14 23:31:26

Hi. My son was admitted to hospital a few years ago when he was two as he didn't want to weight bear. Whilst we were in a/e he came out with non blanching spots on his feet and legs and some on his trunk. He started iv antibiotics for meningitis but after lumbar puncture etc they said it wasn't that. He ended up being diagnosed with irritable hip due to a virus which caused the spots. Could it just be that they are viral? No idea why some blank and some don't however but my sons definitely didn't.

JammyGeorge Sat 14-Jun-14 18:58:46

My ds2 was hospitalised for none blanching purpuric rash. He was well in himself so blood work and monitored. It took over a week to fade. They couldn't explain what caused it and put it down to 'trauma' saying he'd banged himself in his cot, whatever.

3 weeks later ds1 came out in the same rash in the same place (although not as severe). We got him checked and was fine. So I'm presuming it was caused by a virus which one passed into the other.

MoreSnowPlease Sat 14-Jun-14 19:09:36

My ds gets them quite a bit sometimes more spread than others. He has lots of trouble breathing when he gets any sort of virus and they seem to coincise with that. He's always admitted to hospital because of the wheezing but they don't tend to worry about the spots. Basically have said he would be in a terrible way very quickly if it was meningitis. And put it down to viral thing. I thought it just coincided with the wheezing but he's just had a patch on his side for a few days without wheezing so obviously something else...these ones faded after a few days and we didn't take him to hospital as he was pretty well in himself.

roomonthatbroomforme Sun 15-Jun-14 21:40:05

Feels a bit better knowing we are not the only ones going through this!
My daughter is still a bit poorly so the hospital have done blood tests and we'll get the results on Thursday.
Hopefully it was just a virus.

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