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Hip dysplasia

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hazeyjane Mon 21-Apr-14 20:17:54

Does anyone know if hip dysplasia can develop, or occur as the result of something like a fall (in a child with low muscle tone). Ds is struggling to walk, his hips swivel, he limps and walks with one foot always on tip toe. He has always had a drunken gait (he started walking at 28 months, but because of his low tone, struggles to walk any distance, can't run, falls often and struggles with steps and stairs) but it has deteriorated since falling a couple of weeks ago.

He is very reluctant to walk now and whereas he had just started to slowly climb the stairs with a lot of help, he is completely unable to now, and is even reluctant to crawl up. He had a hip X-ray at around 10 months to rule out hip dysplasia as he has an extra crease on his leg.

deadwitchproject Wed 23-Apr-14 08:47:00

Sorry to hear about your DS. I'm interested in the same thing as my DS has been referred for a scan. He's only just started walking and is dragging his right leg.
I've found the STEPS charity website information very useful. Take a look here:

yomellamoHelly Wed 23-Apr-14 09:27:52

In your position I think I'd be going to a&e.

Regardless of that I think you should be pursuing a referral to an orthopaedic consultant / gait specialist. Assume your son has a paediatrician given the low tone. Might be better to go through them. My experience of gps is that they haven't a clue. A physio may be able to give you their opinion while you wait. Ours would. Again, do you have one already?

(FWIW my ds's hips "went" when he had flu and was horribly ill for several weeks. Though the surgeon said that couldn't be the case. The shape of his hips changed massively - bulgy on the dislocated side. Things weren't completely right before he was ill, but he looked normal and this tipped it. Didn't do anything with him for a month or so which may have been part of it. He has a form of cp.)

STEPS are fab, though and a good port of call for information.

hazeyjane Wed 23-Apr-14 12:25:25

Thankyou very much for your posts.

Ds is under a paed and has a physio. He has a genetic condition, and his low tone is part of that, he also has wonky pain receptors (not the official medical term!) so it is hard to know when and where he has hurt himself.

We saw orthopaedics on Tues morning, and they xrayed one leg and one hips - they wouldn't xray both (which his physio is now fuming about). They said that as hip dysplasia was ruled out at 1, it was not related to that, and they asked us to come back in 4 weeks if it hasn't improved.

I spoke to his physio this morning who said she wants both hips, legs and feet xrayed, she is worried there could have been a subluxation (sp?. She has referred us to a paediatric orthopaedic consultant who specialises in children with disabilities.

So hopefully we are moving forward. I will check out STEPS as well, thankyou. smile

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