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First pair of glasses for 2 year old

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acbrmw Mon 21-Apr-14 20:17:17


My 2.5 year old and I are collecting her first pair of glasses from the optician next weekend and I'd be grateful for any tips on how to help her to understand they will help her and that they are a good thing to wear. She was quite anti when we went to get her measured up despite all my efforts so I feel the collection day and the lead up and follow up need to be carefully planned for the mission to succeed! What worked for you?

(I've bought her a few books from the internet although only one seems to have been a hit (Arlo Needs Glasses which is brilliant). Someone also recommended buying a Mr Potato Head or some doll's glasses but I haven't looked into these yet).

Thank you.

lovelidl Mon 21-Apr-14 20:21:22

DD got her glasses when she just turned 2. She too resisted at the initial test/fitting, however as soon as they went on it was like a switch, she could see! And she knew - she cried when she had to take them off that night!

She is 4 now and still hates to be without them for more than a couple of minutes.

Be prepared for lots of breakages and get a spare pair if you can.

Good luck!

Bagofcats Mon 21-Apr-14 20:24:19

There is a brilliant episode of charlie and Lola where Lola's friend has glasses... Lola is going to the optician and is horrified at the idea that she might need glasses but by the end of the episode she is gutted when she goes and her vision is fine and she doesn't need any (because by this stage she's tried her friends glasses on and decided on a suitably sparkly fancy pair she would like herself!)

Just really nice exploration of the theme. You can download individual episodes on iTunes. Maybe she's a little young for charlie and Lola but it's worth a shot?!

Onelittlepiglet Mon 21-Apr-14 20:29:32

My dd had glasses just after her 2nd birthday and took to them so well - we were really worried she would break them or not wear them but it has obviously made such a difference to her she doesn't like to take them off as she can't see! Se is now 3.5 and loves them.

It helps I wear glasses sometimes (usually wear contact lenses) and so does her dad for driving.

I also read the Charlie and Lola book a pp recommended which is very good. She liked that but I honestly think the difference wearing them has made to her is the main reason she likes them!

Good luck!

acbrmw Sat 26-Apr-14 13:50:46

Hello everyone, I only just worked out how to find your messages on the site! I'm sorry not to have replied sooner. Thank you for all your encouragement and advice. We went to the optician this morning but it turned out it was just to check the glasses for size and we have to go back during the week to collect them once the lenses are fitted and then they also have to be fitted behind the daughter was a bit happier on this visit so fingers crossed. Thanks again.

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