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DD 17.5 months in pain when pooing/passing wind

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slightlyconfused85 Mon 21-Apr-14 19:27:00

Last Monday my DD went right off her food, and then was sick. She spent 2 days lethargic/not eating. She perked up Wednesday onwards, but has taken until Saturday to get her appetite back, which I would say is at about 80%.

She's gone from no poo, to runny poo, to hard-ish poo and it's very pale in colour, but no blood or threadworms. I'm really concerned because she is crying and screaming when she poos or passes wind, and this upset goes on for a long time afterwards. Yesterday I thought she was better, as she was quite cheerful and not much in the way of crying, but today she seems to be sleepy again and crying a lot when pooing etc. Any thoughts? Is it just a lingering virus, as I know they can go on a bit. I took her for a checkover last Monday when it started and he said just a virus but over a week now starting to worry me.

OneToThree Tue 22-Apr-14 07:29:06

I would take her back to the doctors if she's in that much pain. She could have a cut inside her bottom when pushing out a hard poo. Not sure if they would use suppositories that young though?

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