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Any ideas what this is?!

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wheretotheEasterBunnygonow Mon 21-Apr-14 14:20:20

We've all had that nasty virus last month - the one where you ache, have a headache and could sleep for Britain.
My 7 DS still is not 'right'. He is complaining of being tired (unheard of before!) and is VERY moody and tearful.

He has now developed a rash above his top lip. It was there a couple of days ago and went overnight. It's now back.

I am thinking about making a drs appointment in the week but I'm worried I'm wasting their time. Any ideas what the rash is? I am thinking viral. Thanks for reading smile

cestlavielife Mon 21-Apr-14 22:59:34

Take him to g p .
That is what g p is for.

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