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Can anyone give any thoughts on my sons blood test results?

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ilovefrozenthenewfilm Sun 20-Apr-14 16:45:10

He has been referred on to an Endocrinologist (sp) but in the meantime I wondered if anyone had any thoughts particularly on the TSH levels?

TSH 6.14
Free T4 20.4
Free T3 7.1
Prolactin 326
Cortisol 37

I am not sure what Cortisol means? but if anyone could interpret the TSH T4/T3 I would appreciate it - lots of googling has not actually helped...

Beckamaw Sun 20-Apr-14 19:25:20

Try this link. TSH seems high, and T3 and T4 seem on the high side of the range, but still within range.

Prolactin is also normal.

I have an over active thyroid, and have also had a suspected prolactinoma. Looks like my pituitary is a bit useless! Looking to get my thyroid removed in the near future.

Does he have any specific symptoms? Happy to help, if I can. It can be a worry, but available thyroid meds are very good. I have never had a day off sick, despite some alarming test results at times!

Beckamaw Sun 20-Apr-14 19:28:00
And here is a good explanation of the cortisol test.

ilovefrozenthenewfilm Sun 20-Apr-14 20:27:33

Thanks for replying, that link was great and not one I had found, much appreciated.

He has had varying symptoms including fatigue, recorded low blood sugars and not coping well with hunger/tiredness as well as a fast heart rate - he is 4 they want to check it is not something to do with his pituitary gland. He is booked in for some tests as an inpatient in a few weeks including fasting bloods. But in the meantime I just keep looking at his blood results and trying to work out what they are look for and what is wrong.

Once they have checked everything the GP has said he will need his thyroid levels rechecking.

ilovefrozenthenewfilm Sun 20-Apr-14 20:33:27

Just checked the blood results form and the cortisol was 37 nmol collected at 5pm- will try and interpret that against the second link.

Thanks again -

BlackSwan Sun 20-Apr-14 21:39:41

You should ask what they are looking for, though I think the bloods are only going to be part of the picture, they may not tell the whole story. Also, it's worth, if you haven't already been referred, seeing an ophthalmologist. With some pituitary problems there will be associated vision problems (because of the location of the pituitary and the optic nerves).

ilovefrozenthenewfilm Mon 21-Apr-14 08:51:50

Thanks BlackSwan - we are a bit in between people now as GP was vague, when I asked what they will be looking for he said a range of things that will be linked. The main need for referring was his blood glucose levels & bloods (TSH etc) need exploring. But the hospital letter said 'X will be admitted for 3 days for tests that have been planned, you will not see a consultant during his stay.'

So I am presuming the results will then get sent back to the GP.

But anyway I know guessing is bad, but just wanted a bit more information on the things I could read about.

BlackSwan Mon 21-Apr-14 09:47:53

Guessing is all you can do when doctors are vague. In your position I would be more pushy about seeing relevant specialists, because weeks can drag on and if (big big IF) something isn't right, then in hindsight you will wish things moved more quickly. Are you seeing the endo before or only after the tests? If it is a pituitary problem then your GP isn't best placed to manage it.
Is your son gaining weight? What about height?

ilovefrozenthenewfilm Mon 21-Apr-14 15:09:58

The GP spoke to the Endocrine & between them they decided to refer him to GOSH, without us needing to see endocrine before further tests, I presume we will see Endocrine after tests to discuss all results, but may need to ask GP to do the referral before we go for the inpatient tests. As no appointment to date and I have read GOSH (although no experience) deal with a consultant rather than back to GP. My thoughts are we need the Endocrine appointment at our local hospital to get all the results and follow up care for the thyroid. Once more serious things have been checked out.

He is very skinny, I have not tracked his weight/height - will go and dig out his red book (as we probably need to bring it with us anyway).

Thanks again for all your help.

BlackSwan Mon 21-Apr-14 15:41:17

GOSH team are wonderful, we are taken care of by them. I won't worry about you then, you're in safe hands. Let us know how he gets on, I hope you get answers soon.

ilovefrozenthenewfilm Mon 21-Apr-14 16:53:58

That's a reassuring post thank you, all a bit scary to think of going in for 3 days but I guess that's the best way to do all the tests, then just need to make sure I know who/where to get results from.

Am I allowed to ask your experience of GOSH was it/is it for a similar symptoms (Of course you don't have to reply to this bit)?

Cadastre Mon 21-Apr-14 17:19:40

When I was having fertility treatment they did my TSH. It was 6.66. Endocrinologist said he wanted to see it below 2 for normal healthy function. it was extremely high.

BlackSwan Mon 21-Apr-14 18:19:24

ilovefrozen, I will PM you...

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