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Side effects of Clenil Modulite inhaler (brown preventer)

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Blackpuddingbertha Sat 19-Apr-14 13:57:16

Has anyone had experience of side effects of the brown inhaler in their DC? DD (7) started taking the medication last November due to increasing asthma episodes that she was having to take oral steroids and ventilin for (cold/infection trigger only).

Since then we've had increasing issues with anxiety, lethargy and inability to sleep. The anxiety is now at a level that is very limiting and we have had to go down the professional therapy route. I've been looking for any possible triggers for this in all aspects and looked at the inhaler leaflet this week. There is a side effect listed as more common in children that basically describes all the recent changes in DDs behaviour. I recognise that I may be grasping at this as an easy solution so before I go to the GP to discuss it I thought I'd ask if anyone has had similar experiences. I don't know how common such side effects are.

Any experience or advice much appreciated.

nostress Sat 19-Apr-14 22:16:17

I've been on it for years and never had that sort of side effect. However, might it be the asthma itself that has triggered it? It can get very scary to have an attack. Also, when my asthma is bad I wake frequently at night and need my inhaler (not controlled!). I remember when I was a child I used to call my mum when I woke up. It was scary too.

Is hayfever a trigger? If so I would recommend taking antihistamines religiously!

Bananas, oats (porridge), eggs and pineapple all have precursors to the happy hormone (serotonin) so it might be worth including these in her diet. Cherry juice (at any point during the day) and warm milk at bedtime might help a restful sleep too.

Also what year is she at school? Will she be moving to a different junior school in September? One of my DSs developed anxiety at this time. Also with the arrival of his little brother.

Hope it gets better soon!

Blackpuddingbertha Sat 19-Apr-14 22:54:31

Thank you. She doesn't have 'attacks' as such, when she has an episode then her breathing just gets progressively worse. It's also been well controlled since starting the inhaler regime.

She does suffer from hay fever, this time of year is not good. Anti histamines are going in regularly. Foods are interesting, she does eat bananas but less on the others you mention.

Year 3 but no anxiety triggers at school really. There have been no other changes at all which is why it's so perplexing really and I'm looking for the more obscure possibilities.

NiMhurchu Sat 19-Apr-14 23:42:45

Clenil modulite is a gas one isn't it? If it is that's my brown one, been on it for years since I started having reactions to my old brown one. Plumicort powder dose. I was only young maybe 9/10 so probably hard to describe my feelings at the time but it gave me the shakes, looking back I would call it anxiety! You could ask the GP to prescribe a different inhaler. I was on the plumicort for 5 years before any problems developed. The GP really should have an issue with her trying a different type, they're are a few available that react differently in different people. Which is why you are always told not to use anybody else's inhaler

NiMhurchu Sat 19-Apr-14 23:44:57

*shouldn't have an issue

JeanetteAndDougiefromMancheste Sat 19-Apr-14 23:51:04

She's not on singulair is she?
That's getting better known now for having some horrible side effects, including the ones you describe.

If not, ignore that bit, but definitely ask her GP to try something different.

Blackpuddingbertha Sun 20-Apr-14 12:35:19

It is a gas one yes. Not singulair. Interesting that there are alternatives, will definitely talk to the GP. I think when you read the list of possible side effects for medication you tend to think that there is such a minuscule chance of them occurring that you can pretty much ignore them. But I guess they're listed for a reason!

The side effect is listed as:
Sleeping problems, depression or feeling worried, restless, nervous, over-excited or irritable. These effects are more likely to occur in children

That pretty much describes DD's behaviour perfectly and, although she's always been a 'worrier', the on-set of the more extreme symptoms started a couple of months after starting the inhaler regularly.

Edenviolet Tue 22-Apr-14 20:54:37

Iam going to look into this, my ds1 is 7 and has been on this inhaler for a few months and has been having increasing issues with anxiety and behaviour.

momb Tue 22-Apr-14 21:00:45

These symptoms are also linked with some antihistamines. I'd talk to your GP.

Blackpuddingbertha Tue 22-Apr-14 21:37:57

Went to GP today, he basically said the chances of it being linked were incredibly remote. Apparently the side effects listed relate to the active ingredients and are more prevalent in a medication taken orally or similar which acts systemically. The inhaler acts locally on the lungs and therefore this reduces the likelihood of side effects.

Off to read the side effects of her antihistamines now momb smile.

<clutches at straws>

KTKT Wed 23-Apr-14 23:12:31

Hi. I could have written your opening paragraph. I have exactly the same issues with my DD1 who has suffered from viral induced wheeze (ie asthma triggered by colds) since she was 18 months.
She has been on Clenil for a year and has awful nightmares and suffers from extreme anxiety. When I reduced her original dosage (2 x puffs twice a day) gradually to 1 x puff mornings only, the nightmares reduced dramatically immediately. But she's had a few episodes ( same as you described: gradual tightening of chest, bad nocturnal coughing) resulting in steroids ( prednisolone ) which I want to reduce since she's had it up to 14 times in one year which is terrible but when it's a choice of breathing versus steroids there is little choice.
I'm posting to say my DD took singulare/ montelukast and suffered terrifying night terrors which were honestly awful. Her paediatric respiratory consultant really poo poo'd my concerns and belittled my worries....but when I stopped the singulair the terrors stopped. I lost faith in the so called specialist and changed Specialist.
But I now feel stuck again. Having read your experienced, clearly Clenil IS affecting our children but its very hard to know what alternative medication to try when they catch colds every other week resulting in worrying breathing episodes.
I am an atopic person with a list of allergies and intolerances so genetically my children are likely to be more sensitive to things that others don't react to.
Maybe someone new might post other alternatives. I've thrown money at seeing the best specialists but still feel her asthma & side effects of the drugs are not correct which is depressing & exhausting with years if sleep deprivation & constant worry plus handling the difficult personality & anxieties each day & night.

gleegeek Wed 23-Apr-14 23:56:41

Interesting thread. I take Clenil, Singulair and Loratadine antihistamine. For about a year I've been really anxious, nearly on the verge of panic attacks. I hadn't considered it could be my asthma medication (not sure why not - Becotide made me really shaky and panicky) Hmm, might have to talk to my asthma nurse...

Sorry your dc are suffering, hope you get some good advice x

BomChickaMeowMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 12:45:27

Sorry to crash the thread, was looking for a thread about asthma! DD (8) has just been prescribed a salbutamol inhaler after suffering from wheezing and breathing problems. This was only a week ago but she is complaining of loss of appetite (normally a good eater) and her stomach feeling "empty" and that she kind of wants to eat but doesn't- making herself eat something rather than enjoying it as normal. On Googling it seems to be a 'less common' side effect of the drug. Has anyone else had this?

Now she doesn't know whether to take her inhaler or not. We are booked into the asthma clinic next week to review the medication anyway. It is all making her feel rather anxious and upset though sad

Also we have to leave the inhaler with the school office. Is that the policy at your school? Do you have a separate inhalers for home and school or just hand in the inhaler every day?

BomChickaMeowMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 12:46:16

DD isn't taking any antihistamines by the way.

KTKT Thu 24-Apr-14 15:54:17

Loss of appetite is a classic & common side effect of salbutamol. Both of my children literally nibble on rubbish when taking large amounts of salbutamol. Plus it raises the heart rate making them seem quite "manic" and crazy - so it's hard to make them sit quietly when struggling to breath. My eldest is 6.5 years old so I've experienced all of this for many years now.
Yes school has 2 puffas: 1 in classroom & 1 to be taken outside for sports. I have lots at home: in car, in my bag, in bedroom etc & always lots of spare refills.
I don't know why Gp's play down, or even deny, these valid and life changing side effects of these medications. As parents we need to know about potential effects such as anxiety, loss of appetite & nightmares .

BomChickaMeowMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 18:33:01

Thanks KTKT. I will definitely be asking about side effects when we discuss the medciation at the clinic. Perhaps the asthma nurse will be more informative than the GP!

Blackpuddingbertha Thu 24-Apr-14 22:15:10

I have a friend who is a GP, I'm planning to pick her brains on this too and see if she agrees with my GP. At the moment we've stopped the Clenil inhaler as the anxiety issues are bigger than the asthma issues but I am aware that this can change in a moment so we are monitoring closely. The asthma has been well controlled which is probably lulling me into a false sense of security.

KTKT - sounds like you have an identical problem. You have my absolute sympathy with dealing with the sleep & anxiety issues. I'm worn out to breaking point and don't know what the answer is.

KTKT Fri 25-Apr-14 21:17:45

Hello again BlackPudding. Your message made me burst into tears I'm so tired & over anxious about these asthma issues!! I'm not a lunatic really ;-) It's reassuring to know that we are not alone but it really pushes you to the limit physically & emotionally. I understand exactly what you are going through and am truly sorry.
Do let us/me know if you get any alternative options from your GP friend but be aware of Singulaire/montelukast - it put my family through hell for months and months before I started researching and slowly piecing together what was happening to my then 3 year old, despite strong denials from the paediatric resporatory consultant who told me not to google! (I was desperate regarding DD's crazed persona & night terrors). I've tried many other options but Clenil seemed the best until a while ago. When I reduce the dosage the nightmares & anxiety stop but ALL of the other asthma issues return. It's an awful situation.
I'm thinking of you & dread every night....

itsatiggerday Fri 25-Apr-14 21:25:41

Well the side effects are listed because they may occur. Mostly the benefits of the drug will far outweigh the adverse effects which is why they were approved but for the minority who suffer many or severe side effects, don't be fobbed off. Ultimately you will be best placed as patient / parent whether the side effects are worth enduring or not.

lollipoppi Mon 28-Apr-14 20:51:25

There is an asthma support thread on here, wheezing into 2013 sorry I can't link as on my phone

The salbutamol does raise the heart rate and can make someone more shaky which could also have an effect on their sleep
My DS was on the brown inhaler, we didn't see any side effects from it, but it wasn't strong enough for him so moved onto purple (seretide) there are lots of options for preventers. The key to controlling asthma is to figure out which combinations of meds work best for your child.

DS has horrible side effects from montelukast, we went through hell too

mumofonedaughter Thu 10-Mar-16 12:15:58

Hi - I found this thread while looking for side effects of clenil modulate related to sleep. I have never been a good sleeper and it has been getting gradually worse - it occurred to me that this has been since I started clenil modulate at the end of last august - what was the outcome for your children who reacted badly to it please? (ps I am 52, daughter of a 9 year old, and I go to bed knackered - I fall asleep quickly, but keep waking up, sometimes for long periods) I have put in really good sleep hygiene and organisation. Ironically, part of this 'being more in organised' has meant that I always remember to take my inhaler - which is probably why my sleep has got worse with my new regime rather than better! - I tried stopping it, but chest was really bad, far worse than before I went on it (then I just needed Salbutamol once or occasionally twice a day - after stopping it was still bad after 6 Salbutamol) - So - I am back on clenil modulate, but trying to cut it down but wondering what others have found to work after they have noticed a problem?

bellbottomedtear Thu 10-Mar-16 14:07:49

My daughter reacted to the different gas brown ones she is now on budesonide easy haler

mumofonedaughter Fri 11-Mar-16 10:11:21

Thank you - I will mention that when I see the asthma nurse.
Btw I also notice montelukast in this thread - I was also put on that last August but had terrible nightmares - thankfully realised what it was quite quickly and stopped it.

Livlapin5 Mon 18-Apr-16 20:51:14

This all sounds very familiar. Apart from the loss of appetite. My soon to be seven year old eats ridiculous amounts since she was put on clenil modulate. She has depressions, nervousness and mood swings. What are the alternatives please?
I'd also like to know if there is anything better than Salbutamol/ Ventolin to use as an inhaler as it really disturbs her sleep at night and makes her heart feel uncomfortable by day.
Many thanks in advance.

user1475268907 Fri 30-Sep-16 22:10:33

Hello blackpuddingbertha, I know it's a couple of years since you started this thread, but did stopping the clenil sort out the anxiety issues of your child? My grand-daughter, aged 7, has started having extreme anxiety problems 3 months after starting clenil. Nothing else seems to have caused this and I am wondering if clenil is the cause. Was there a different inhaler she could use instead?

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