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Newborn and coldsore exposure, please help me try not to worry.

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lucy101 Thu 17-Apr-14 15:30:37

I have a three week old dd... and my dh and mother have both got active coldsores. My dh is super careful, no kissing, washing hands etc... but I have just had a row with my mother as I hadn't realised she had one too and she has been cuddling my ds.

I am furious she didn't tell me (its not that noticeable) and even more angry that she denied having it and carried on touching dd.

Please tell me not to worry. I have PND and anxiety and I am struggling now with worrying about dd getting the virus and how serious it can be.

Deb2202 Thu 17-Apr-14 20:48:55

Please try not to worry, I'm sure she won't have passed it on.

When ds2 was a day old my mum was sat holding him in the hospital when I noticed a coldsore on her lip! I was really stressed about it. She was quite dismissive and I think embarrassed that I'd raised it. I just said go home and google it which she did and soon changed her tune.

Ds1 (aged 2) stayed with her for the best part of 3 days while I was in hospital and the coldsore active and he didn't catch anything for what that's worth.

I think it's normal to worry about anything that can risk your baby but I remember going through phases of thinking I'd over reacted and asking constant reassurance from DH!

lucy101 Sun 20-Apr-14 16:06:51

Thanks so much Debs. I am finding it hard to be sensible with the PND and need a bit of reassurance!

PJ67 Mon 21-Apr-14 22:39:32

Hi. My 3 month old niece's gran had a cold sore when she was a newborn baby and I recall my husband saying that she was kissing her and had a cold sore. My sister in law didn't seem too fussed and the baby was fine. I'm like you and worry myself sick about everything but sure it will he fine. It may be worth phoning health visitor for some more reassurance though.

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