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Ologist Tue 15-Apr-14 06:40:37


On the look out for any mums with children with alopecia. My daughter developed a one-penny size patch of hair loss in 2011 (aged 6) which has now developed into full alopecia universalis (total hair loss - head, eyebrows, lashes...). She now wears a wig and is coping well psychologically. Just wondered if there were any specific UK support groups for children other than Alopecia UK which, although fantastic, is aimed at adults? Thanks.

BeBold Tue 15-Apr-14 13:33:57

Hi, Have you come across the organisation I manage with my husband called BeBold Alopecia Awareness CIC. Website We organise many events with children in mind.

Kinds regards


mrsm22 Wed 16-Apr-14 11:23:25

Hi there, I saw your post and felt I needed to respond as my toddler ( two years and 3 months) has recently lost hair in two patches on his head and it has thinned quite a lot. Before this he had a full head of curls and we are not sure what has caused this. I appreciate your child is a little older than mine but wondered if you would mind sharing with me what process you went through to have it confirmed as alopecia. I have been to the doctors with my DS and they were really not sure what it was or why so suggested a blood test to rule out things like thyroid problems or iron deficiency and his blood results came back normal. This was a big relief and was only a week ago it the go now wants to send us to a paediatrician but I am not sure what for as i am not sure what else they can do and or how alopecia is confirmed? The only thing I know is that when I was between the age of 2 and 3 I apparently did suffer with childhood alopecia so am wondering if this might be from me. I'm terribly sorry for your daughter and the extent if her alopecia. It sounds like she's coping really well and I have heard that it usually grows back in children this young.

CMOTDibbler Wed 16-Apr-14 11:25:16

My friends dd lost all her hair at 7, and is now 12. She's involved with BeBold and is fantastic

Ologist Thu 17-Apr-14 02:53:49

Hi there

A Gp friend of mine confirmed that it was alopecia before my actual Gp. It's the distinct pattern with which the hair is lost that calls for the diagnosis (very symmetrical, neat patterns of baldness). It's usually very identifiable. In the initial stages of small hair loss, topical steroid treatments are offered and can often work very well. However are less and less effective as the hair loss becomes more extensive. I hope your little is able to see someone soon. At that age and with little loss, it's quite likely to grow back so do rest assured. All the best!

Ologist Thu 17-Apr-14 02:56:28

Thank you for your response. I've heard of BeBold and found it when searching for support groups at the start of her hair loss. I will check them out again. Thanks!

Ologist Thu 17-Apr-14 02:57:15

Many thanks Ann-Marie!

Mummywilky Thu 24-Mar-16 19:57:56

Hi there I know this post was from a lot no time ago but I have a daughter with AA but she has no hair at all. Just wanted to hi if you are still around

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