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Atropine therapy

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Middleton06 Tue 01-Apr-14 20:32:43

My dd has one normal eye and one eye with a +8.00 prescription anyway she has had glasses since she was 2 (now nearly 5) we have tried patching with no joy or improvement (she hates patches as she can't see properly) anyway today we took her to the hospital and the eye has not got any better if anything it has got worse so they mentioned atropine therapy to use but it does have risks. They said she may find it hard at school as her vision would be impaired and it blurs her good eye in order for the bad eye to work. Anyway I was at parents evening tonight and mentioned it to the teacher and she said she would need a care plan and careful watching as she would find things hard with her vision not being great. I am really not sure what to do but if it helps her in the long run I should properly give it a try. They told me today that if anything happens to her good eye she would have to be registered partially sighted and would never be able to drive. Her teacher is also the SENCO and she said she would need to go on a register but could come off as soon as she stopped the treatment - does anyone have any experience of this kind of treatment and what affects did it have on your little one thanks in advance

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