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8 month old ill and due to start settling in at nursery tomorrow...

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dodi1978 Mon 31-Mar-14 08:55:50

My 8 month old DS has developed a nasty cough over the weekend - I've managed to get an emergency appointment at the doctors for him for later on today. I am particularly worried as he has already had two chest infections this year. This cough does not sound as chesty though, so there is hope...

My main worry is now that he was due to start settling in sessions at nursery tomorrow, with a view of me returning to work next week. I was hoping to build him up to his first full day on Friday.

What do you think? Don't start him at nursery until he his fully recovered? I also need to check their policies for illness... as far as I remember, they are happy to have the kids there when they just have a bit of a cold...

Edenviolet Mon 31-Mar-14 09:00:49

I'd be inclined to wait till he is better, but I understand that if you are returning to work you may really want to start the settling in process as soon as you can.
See what the gp says and if your ds just has a cold/virus then perhaps send him with calpol/nurofen if the nursery are happy to have him?
Good luck

ArtFine Mon 31-Mar-14 09:09:00

Can you delay it? If you can, it's probably best to, because he probably won't settle in whilst being ill and upset.

atthestrokeoftwelve Mon 31-Mar-14 09:16:14

I am surprised you are considering sending him. Ill babies need Mums.

dodi1978 Mon 31-Mar-14 09:18:40

Yeah... I guess it is best to wait for a few days.

If needed, I can delay my return to work by a couple of days - it will just mean cutting into my summer leave :--(( My maternity leave has ended already, I am on annual leave now...

As far as I remember, the nursery are happy to give some medication. I'll call them today after we've been to the docs to check what they think.

I actually think / hope it is just a cold... this time, he actually sounds hoarse (which he didn't when he had his chest infections).

Oh dear, he has just found my mobile which has been lying on the floor. Must rescue it before he makes a call to Japan...

dodi1978 Mon 31-Mar-14 12:26:49

Ok... update!

No chest infection this time, just a virus! Nursery are happy for us to come in tomorrow - apparently, it is just for an hour anyway... for me to do paperwork and for DS to explore his new surroundings.

Then, hopefully, we can build up the hours from there! If he can't have his first full day on Friday, then hopefully early next week. I have booked half day off for the first two days just in case...

Now I just need somebody to keep me from crying. I cracked again this morning when the doctor asked "And how do you feel about going back to work?" I am extremely emotional about all this. I know I'll be right, but the next days will be tough tough tough.

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