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Red Mollescum Scar on Face?

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Theonlyoneiknow Fri 28-Mar-14 23:57:43


DD picked the mollescum on the side of her face (must have been in her sleep, she was only 18mo at the time). It bled horribly and went all red and zit like. We put antiseptic and a plaster on it until it dried up a bit.

Two months down the line there is now an obvious red mark, like a big spot but flat. Will it ever go away or does she now have a permanent scar?

DS had mollescum too just before DD was born, maybe about 50 and they went away and only left a few small white pitted scars, not on his face (where he had about 10) but mainly on his torso.

The spot is really still very red and noticeable. I have been putting Manuka honey lotion on it but hasn't made a difference, will it fade eventually?


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