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Toddler chapped mouth

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CustardLover Wed 26-Mar-14 14:30:48

My two year old constantly has a chapped mouth (outside his lips) which I put down to him constantly licking his lips and around his mouth, coupled with the cold. Has anyone got any suggestions of what to do? I'm trying to keep the area clean and dry and encourage him not to lick it (yeah right) but I wondered if there was a cream or something could try? Thanks

NiceOneCenturion Wed 26-Mar-14 16:18:42

Mine had this a couple of weeks ago, underneath his mouth, also caused by licking habit. The more sore it got the more he licked and mentioning it or trying to put cream on it made the habit worse as he did it more consciously.

I eventually dabbed sudocrem on the worst bits while he was asleep, to give it a good few hours to work. As the sores began healing up, the licking diminished too so think it managed to break the cycle. He still does it but much less and the sores haven't returned.

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