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Worried about my 5 month old.

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Moomey Mon 24-Mar-14 17:44:49

She has not been herself for about 4 days now. My older son (4yrs) had some sort of virus last weekend causing a fever and him wanting to sleep for 2 days straight, afterwards he had a tickly cough. Other than that he had no other symptoms and is now fine.

I initially thought my 5mnth old had caught what my son had as she's had a runny nose, and temp of 37oC, and has been very restless.... struggling to sleep at night and fussy when feeding. But 4 days later she still has stuffy nose but now has chesty cough and a temp of 38.6oC and instead of being restless she is now really sleepy and feeding lots. But when I move her she gets really upset..... she hasn't smiled for 2 days.

I initially thought it was teething as she's been pulling at her left ear for a week now and I can see something under the gum. But now I'm not so sure now???

Boris13 Mon 24-Mar-14 17:59:28

If she is pulling at her ear, it may indicate a ear infection, a 5 month old with a temperature needs to be checked out incase there is an infection there...

Moomey Wed 26-Mar-14 08:02:00

Thank you, gosh I didn't even think of that! I have been so wrapped up in her teething issues sad... She's much better today and yesterday but eveeynow and again still pulls at ear. I will go get it checked out today smile

MyPudsAndMe Wed 26-Mar-14 08:34:01

generally my ds pulls at his ear when hes tired. when he was 6 months he had all the same symptons, temp was about 38 and increased to over 40 at one point. he kept seeming tired and grumpy, wanting to sleep all the time but not being able to get a 'proper sleep.' didnt smile at all, just wasnt himself, completely zoned out. the main thing for me ringing nhs was his wee smelt stronger than usual. they saw him straight away and he had a bladder infection. he had to stay in hospital over Christmas, have antibiotics into his hand, blood tests, ultrasound, and now oral antibiotics until may sad

I was told at the hospital it would have just got worse if we had stayed at home and their main concern was his temperature because he was so young.

sorry not meaning to worry you but more a case of definately get it checked out. im normally one to say "see how they are tomorrow" im just glad I didnt in this case!

hope your little one is feeling better soon thanks

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