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Night cough, vomit, nose bleed - what is this?

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Monkeymummy1 Sat 22-Mar-14 23:10:09

Hi ladies, my 16 month DD has the above. She's fine in the day, just has a little bit of runny nose, but as soon as I put her to bed, she's coughing. Two nights this week she's coughed so much that she's been sick. Tonight she was sick about 4 times and I noticed she had a bit of a nose bleed too. What's going on? In the day she seems fine. Even tonight when she was mid coughing fit, she was just pointing and saying Cot Cot! as she just wanted to go back to sleep, and was totally un-phased by the coughing and vomit! Any suggestions of how to ease these symptoms?

antimatter Sat 22-Mar-14 23:17:33

phlegm must be going down her stomach and she vomits - it happens a lot with young children

nse bleed may be related to her runny nose

I'd say as long as your toddler drinks a lot and passes water you should just make sure she gets enough rest and light meals. her appetite may suffer as well

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