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Brain Tumour Worry

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cannotchange Sat 22-Mar-14 21:34:44

Wondering if anyone can offer any DD (nearly 3)in the past week or so has become extremely clumsy. I have noticed her tripping over a bit over the past few months, but this week she fell over at nursery and banged her knee then the following day walking along she somehow had a really bad fall and fell on face and now has really bad grazing around her eye. I didn't think much more until today at home she seemed to just fall over from standing then a bit later was leaning against the door frame and just fell to the floor. I have had a look at the symptons on 'headsmart' and she's not been vomiting etc.

She is drinking loads and has slightly regressed with no.2's in that she keeps doing a very small amount in her pants, then saying she's done a poo then finishes off in the loo. She also now wakes up everynight and is desperate for milk....

I do get very anxious about things, am I reading too much into this or should I go to the doctor. I went recently as has convinced myself that she was displaying the symptoms of diabetes, was wrong of course

Any comments gratefully received..

permaquandry Sat 22-Mar-14 21:42:36

I understand your worry. I think it would be wise to take her to the docs, it's better to go and get checked out, even if it turns out to be nothing. It could be a mild case of vertigo, inner ear infection or a virus, in fact it could be anything but it is always best to get checked out.

Googling, IMHO, is not always a good idea, it can make you worry even more.

How is she actually feeling?

I'm sure others with be along with more experience/advice. But I would consider calling/seeing out of hours or 111 just for some advice.

Keep us posted and I hope DD is OK.

cannotchange Sat 22-Mar-14 21:51:57

thank you very much for your reply....yes googling is not always a great idea - feeds my anxity. Will keep a close eye over the next few days (as if I'm not now already ! ) and see how it goes.

Generally she seems ok, has been a bit whingey recently but has phases like this as she grows up.

cannotchange Sat 22-Mar-14 21:53:01

thank you very much for your reply....yes googling is not always a great idea - feeds my anxity. Will keep a close eye over the next few days (as if I'm not now already ! ) and see how it goes.

Generally she seems ok, has been a bit whingey recently but has phases like this as she grows up.

hairylittlegoblin Sat 22-Mar-14 21:59:55

Could be a growth spurt? That would explain her waking up hungry. Growth can make kids clumsy because their arms and legs aren't where they expect them to be (if that makes sense).

Brain tumour symptoms can be subtle but I'd only be concerned if she was being sick in the mornings, complaining of headaches or eye problems. And brain tumours are incredibly rare.

Please try not to worry. Google is not your friend when you have children smile

sleepdeprivedmadwoman Sat 22-Mar-14 22:25:06

Hi, am very new to this so apologies if I break any posting etiquette. Seeing your thread has prompted me to post.
I know from personal experience that diabetes can cause extreme thirst and blurred vision. This could be a possible explanation for your little ones symptoms. I hope that it is only something minor, and it most probably is, but do feel you should get your little one checked sooner rather than later by a GP.

sleepdeprivedmadwoman Sat 22-Mar-14 22:31:55

Am so sorry just noticed that you have already had diabetes ruled out. Am such an idiot and I am mortified. I am truly sleep deprived and clearly freakin mad.
Would go back to GP if you are concerned better safe than sorry.

Forgettable Sat 22-Mar-14 23:26:26

Hi sleepdeprived, don't worry, we all have doen it, more than once hahaha. Bless ya.

cannot has she had new shoes recently? My DCs used to trip loads in new shoes, was almost par for the course that new shoes = trips and stumbles for a couple of weeks.

pepperrabbit Sat 22-Mar-14 23:34:50

My DD had been super whingy, and came home almost every day from school one week with a "Keep an eye on me I bumped my head/leg/back. today" sticker so was really clumsy.
Turned out to be an ear infection confused 5 days of amoxicillin and she's back to normal.
No harm in getting it checked out.

PJ67 Sun 23-Mar-14 00:22:16

I'm not sure if this would cause the problems you are describing but it sounds like she is constipated with the soiling and may need something like movicol for a while. I also get quite anxious about my children's health and what I do is that once I have a diagnosis in my mind I see the symptoms in every little thing. I'm not suggesting you are doing this but maybe a lot of the clumsiness is just a coincidence but you are now watching her in great detail.
I would go to the doctor and explain everything however. Hopefully it will be a simple infection.

cannotchange Sun 23-Mar-14 10:57:02

thank you all for your comments...she has got a bit of a cold, so maybe an ear infection. Has had a couple more falls today - fell of her stander and then fell of the kitchen chair. Will see how the next few days pan out.

I would say that these days I get anxious about everything and over think too much....

permaquandry Mon 24-Mar-14 10:33:53

I don't think you're over-thinking. Is she normally very steady?

I would ring docs today, not because I think you should panic but because if it is an infection, the sooner, the better (tho if viral, I don't think they'll give you anything).

It's hard, isn't it, to know when to get checked and when not to? I just think you'll feel better if you get checked sooner.

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