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HELP! Opinions needed! Poorly 2 yo

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Herindoors27 Sat 22-Mar-14 14:23:03

Just after a second opinion.
DD (turns 3 end of the week) has been vomiting since Wednesday (today being Saturday) although haven't had any since vomit for 24 hours.
She is normal happy, independent, good appetite, and constantly on the go.
She has barely eaten anything since Tuesday, sleeping during the day - which she hasn't done since she was a year old, needy and not interested in playing - couldn't even tempt her with a bit of kinder egg earlier, which are her favs!
Have been to the GP but useless as ever at my practice, just said it was a virus but I'm getting worried As she is really out of sorts.
Any opinion appriecated.

crazykat Sat 22-Mar-14 14:35:33

It sounds like she has either a bad vomiting bug or gastroenteritis.

Is she managing to keep any water down? Fluids are more important than food as even young children can survive days without food but they needs fluids. My ds was about 10 months when he had gastro and didn't really eat for more than a week but he could keep small amounts of water down.

It's scary when young ones are ill but as long as she can keep water down its unlikely doctors would do anything.

Keep giving her small sips of water even if you have to wake her. You could also get dioryalite from the chemist or supermarket as it rehydrates better than water but its not pleasant to drink.

crazykat Sat 22-Mar-14 14:39:18

My ds pretty much slept for a week when he had it as well.

It's like when we have it, all I want to do is curl up and sleep until its over.

She will likely be off food for a few days once she's stopped vomiting. Simple foods are best at first but she's old enough to tell you what she feels like eating. When my DCs have things like this I relax the rules on junk food as IMO eating junk food after a few days of not eating is better than nothing.

Rosa Sat 22-Mar-14 14:39:25

If her tummy has been really upside down as said small sips of water or flat lemonade or full fat coke . Just shake to get rid of the gas.
Start off with bland simple foods like dry toast, crackers, grated apple,plain pasta or rice to get the stomach used to eating food and digesting. I wouldn't even offer chocolate for a bit.
As long as she is drinking then possibly it is a virus ( non medical person here) if she is still vomiting and you are worried about dehydration then get her seen again.

Herindoors27 Sat 22-Mar-14 15:05:04

Thank you all - we're quite lucky in our household that we don't get hit by illness very often - so when it does I tend to panic!
She is managing to drink a little and keep it down - thankfully as I don't think my washing machine could handle much more this week!

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