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Could baby's sickness/sleepiness be due to my antibiotics?

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morethanacondiment Fri 21-Mar-14 15:10:27

Ok, I've had an infection for a while and have finally started taking ABs to fix it. Baby had some kind of virus from Sun night, with lots of screaming, bf'ing, refusing solids, and sleeping. On Weds she seemed back to normal, apart from a rash which I got the GP to check was just a straightforward post-viral rash. I started my course of Amoxicillin. Y'day she woke up in the morning screaming & grey, and refused to feed. She slept/dozed for most of the day, and took two bf's and a couple of sips of water (she vomited a while after each). She slept for 15 hours & when I woke her up was in a pool of bile/vomit, with a wet and dirty nappy that smelt oddly fishy. She's a better colour, occasionally smiling, and has slept all day again on two decent bf's, and 2 diarrhoea (liquid, yellow, fishy) nappies. Is this just part of the original virus or could it be a reaction to my ABs?

Gaddaz Sat 22-Mar-14 09:38:05

Either way, watch out for signs of thrush, which is often connected to taking ab's.Water is better than anything to flush bugs through, and we use dioralyte if little ones being sick. Anything that goes through you, goes through them when bf.!

morethanacondiment Sun 23-Mar-14 19:34:46

Thanks, Gaddaz, will watch out and get her on probiotics as soon as she can tolerate anything other than my milk sigh

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