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Tonsil stones, neck pain

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sausagefortea Thu 20-Mar-14 11:48:13

For the past 5years my 8.5yo has been complaining of neck pain. It comes and goes and seems to be vaguely connected with when he's coming down with something - so I guess glandular of sorts. Probably 4 years ago we went through trying to find the root of the problem and were referred to the peds who couldn't find any cause of the pain (from a clinical exam rather than any X-rays or other tests). They thought the he was probably more aware of his glands being up and had low pain threshold mixed it with it being more than likely behavioural (as it can come and go pretty quick).

I wasn't convinced by the behavioural thing as I can see he is in discomfort but that it is intermittent. But I was reassured it was nothing serious (no growths or anything of undue concern). Just one of those things...

But he still has it now (so ends up having calpol certainly 2 x a week on a good week where not actually 'ill'. if I don't give him the calpol he can start looking a bit grey and then chuck up from the pain).

over the past 2 years has started getting a lot of tonsil stones. I now think the pain is linked to the tonsil stones but my GP doesn't think tonsil stones are a cause of pain. There are reports online (and in medical literature) that they can cause pain, but I don't want to disagree with the GP.

He also regularly gets stomach aches and feeling a bit sickly but not really enough to be sick or stay off school. I had a lot of tonsil stones and had lots of bouts of general malaise and feeling poorly which stopped completely when I had my tonsils out.

I don't want my DS to have an unnecessary operation but was just wondering if anyone else had experience of lots of tonsil stones, and if they had pain with it. I was wondering whether to get a private referral and see what they say. We have coverage so that's not a problem. I guess is just like a second opinion.

I've attached a photo of the type of stones he's getting. Sometimes he can spit these up several times a day (smaller usually) or go for a few weeks without any.

gemdrop84 Thu 20-Mar-14 18:56:29

I haven't got any advice but I seem to be suffering more with tonsil stones. I've just had two larger stones come out and have had a pain in my neck, in and around the left tonsil, also my left ear and generally feeling unwell. Had this exact same thing in October except the pain was much worse and coincided with 4 stones coming out from both tonsils, so I do think there is a connection to being unwell with them and pain. I can get them in bouts, worse when I've had a cold.

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