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Functional abdominal pain, anyone have experience?

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Castlecellar Wed 19-Mar-14 18:36:17

My DD 13 has been diagnosed with this amongst other things. Does anyone have any experience?

Twighlightsparkle Wed 19-Mar-14 20:32:31

Has whoever diagnosed it suggested any help?

Castlecellar Wed 19-Mar-14 21:15:34

They have said about cognitive behavioural therapy, but we have been on the waiting list for 3 months now.
DD was diagnosed with peptic ulcers and chronic gastritis in October last year, then in December had another endoscopy which showed that had cleared up but she had severe oesophagitis.

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 20-Mar-14 08:34:39

Some areas recommend computerised CBT, do you think this might be something that can help your DD in the interim?

Castlecellar Thu 20-Mar-14 20:01:20

Thanks candy, I'd never heard of this. I have had a look online and will speak to our doctors to see if it's something that they would recommend.
It's so horrible watching her in so much pain and not being able to do anything!

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 20-Mar-14 20:53:03

Sounds frustrating. sad
I'm not saying it's the be all and end all but it might give your DD some support in the mean time. Have they discussed going to a pain clinic?

Castlecellar Thu 20-Mar-14 22:17:59

No, I will have a look into that. She's losing so much weight again and can't sleep from the pain

candycoatedwaterdrops Fri 21-Mar-14 20:24:52

Poor thing. sad What tests has she had?

Twighlightsparkle Fri 21-Mar-14 21:12:45

Has she had biopsies for Eosinophilic gastro disease?

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