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Anyone know anything about absence seizures?

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kirdy Wed 19-Mar-14 15:48:48

My 15 months old dd has been a little unwell and today while out in her pushchair one min she was fine and babbling away then next min she was starring towards the floor not moving and would not react to me all it only lasted about 20-30 seconds and then after she was totally fine. Then about half hour later she was laughing at my mum and pulling her own hair (she thinks it's funny) then she froze and was staring at the floor again still holding her hair again not responding to me. She has had turns like this before when she was unwell which made me panic and rush her to a an e where they said she was fine and was probably a febrile convulsion which I doubt it was as my son had one of those and it's totally different. I don't know much about absence seizures so just want to see if anyone knows anything and could this be what is happening to her when she goes into this day dreaming like state xx

babypup Wed 19-Mar-14 16:16:01


I don't have direct experience but didn't want to read and run!

I looked into absence seizures a lot when my son developed a blinking tic, I thought perhaps he was having absences and that was what was making his eyelids flutter.

From what I read, your description seems to exactly match the research I red through. I think they are quite common and kids generally grow out of them, but it might be worth trying to catch it on your camera and certainly making an appointment with your GP so she can be assessed.

My dad is epileptic, his seizure activity began as a child with mild absences, he has partial seizures as an adult but very well controlled and not a concern.

Well worth getting your wee one checked out. Hopefully you will get some more traffic from Mum's who have direct experience of this with their LOs xx

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