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Appendix- pain after surgery

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Badmumof3 Mon 17-Mar-14 22:21:00

After 2 weeks of pain in her tummy and going back and forth to A&E and Gps, my daughter (11) finally had her appendix out last weekend. The tummy pain went immediately and she is feeling an awful lot better in herself.

My question is how long should the scar be really painful for? She is still in so much pain although there is no redness, swelling or heat around the round, so I don't think it's infected. The would actually looks really good. The sterisyrips came off yesterday but there are dissolvable stitches internally.

I've never had any experience of appendicitis so I don't know what to expect. Should she be in less pain by now?

Madmog Tue 18-Mar-14 11:01:31

It's four years since my daughter had her appendix out, so I can't remember how long she felt uncomfortable for. I know she was advised to have two weeks off school (so I guess the doctors expect them to feel tender/not quite right during that period). She was then allowed back to school, but told to avoid large groups of children in the corridor and not to do PE or anything vigorous, as it's obviously healing in that area.

Give it another few days and if it's ongoing check with the hospital/your doctor. Hope she feels better soon.

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