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DS has been randomly ill on and off for weeks- what is wrong?

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Runlikeareindeer Mon 17-Mar-14 10:10:50

Ds is 4.5. At half term he was poorly for a dew days, didn't want to eat much, really tired, just wanted to lie down. He was sick once each night and got veryvhot, but no actual temp. Perked up after a few days.

From then on every few days or so, similar would happen, he'd get really tired, not want to eat, be a bit sick etc. Took him to doctor after 3 weeks, who couldn't find anything wrong with him.

Last night he was sick in the night again. All over his bed and himself. He's not gone to nursery today, but he seems fine in himself. I can't work out what is going on.

Boris13 Mon 17-Mar-14 20:43:00

Maybe his immune system is just very low at the moment..

Try to give him fluids and let him rest as much as possible.

Maybe take him to the doctors for some blood tests if it continues

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