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spiderbabymum Sun 16-Mar-14 21:52:15

Our 13 year old niece has just been diagnosed with diabetes .

She is the second child of my hubbies only brother . They live in Germany.

Our niece is doing well ....but her parents are clearly struggling .....can't speak to any relatives yet , can't sleep , etc's been a week since diagnosis .

PLEASE may I ask ......IF you have been through similar ....

Is there any online resources or books which you found invaluable ?

Is there anything we can read about basically how it feels to be a parent of a young teenager recently diagnosed and living with diabetes .

Have had a look at diabetes uk but nothing that I'm after ....

To be truthful both hubbie and I are medical feels we have a very skewed perspective on it otherwords we know how it's managed, that there's plenty of hope for normality to resume ....

But I feel we both need to understand what a huge impact this must be having ....

Basically to view it from a parents perspective .....which admittedly is easier now that we have kids of our own .

Thanks in advance

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