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Broken arm

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minibmw2010 Thu 13-Mar-14 17:16:37

My little DS (nearly 3) broke his arm today at nursery. He's in a temp cast in a sling with a fracture clinic appt tomorrow. He's ok at the moment so long as he stays still(ish). How can I help him for bed? The nurse showed me how to pin his PJ's so his arm stays at an angle. Am thinking of having him in bed with me tonight as we recently took the bars off his cot and he has a tendency to fall out (though a towel rolled up under his sheet has helped that) the last couple of nights. The temp cast is v fragile apparently so I'm glad he has an appt tomorrow. hmm

beautifulgirls Thu 13-Mar-14 18:13:45

Poor thing - hope he feels less sore soon. DD broke her arm in the summer and to be honest she just sorted herself out with comfort in bed and seemed to settle well with a bit of calpol for pain control. The temporary cast is not as robust as the longer term ones they give you, but it is still a pretty substantial protection and he is unlikely to do too much to hurt himself or the cast in bed.

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