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13 month old with D&V - what do I give him?

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LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 11:24:59

my 13 month old started showing signs of being unwell on Monday. sickness started last night and diarrhoea started about an hour ago.

He refuses food, what's milk but throws it up. What shall I give him? just water? feels mean not to give more if he is hungry but the vomiting is quite upsetting for him as it comes in large volumes. sad

Also, is there any meds I can give him to settle his tummy?

Mycatistoosexy Wed 12-Mar-14 11:31:31

Get some dioralyte for him and syringe 5ml into his mouth every 5-10 mins. That's all you can really do during the acute stage. A few sips of water too.

Watch out for dehydration, especially if he has diarrhoea too. Signs include: cold hands and feet, dry mouth, listlessness, lethargy, no urine for 6-8 hours. Try pressing a finger in his chest and count the seconds until it returns to a normal colour. If over a few seconds, get him seen by a doctor. My toddler ended up in hospital with dehydration recently owing to D&V.

I'm sure he'll be fine, just careful watching, getting little but often fluids into him and if it continues over 24 hours, call te GP.

Mycatistoosexy Wed 12-Mar-14 17:11:04

Hey OP hope your DS is doing better x

LilllyLovesLife Wed 12-Mar-14 19:34:30

thank you. He is on his second rehydration sachet now and hasn't had any more major sickness, just a little bit here and there. His Daddy however is now ill and acting like he is going to die hmm
DS is chilling out on the sofa watching in the night Garden. should I have offered him dinner? We haven't given any so far confused

crispyporkbelly Wed 12-Mar-14 19:38:34

I would just offer dry toast or crackers with clear fluids until he's better, poor little mite

Mycatistoosexy Wed 12-Mar-14 20:28:16

I'd wait until he was happily keeping water down for a good few hours and then give him a bit of toast. If he throws it up, then leave it for a bit.

I'm glad he is on the mend! Lots of cuddles and cbeebies smile

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