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Lemon Juice and sore throats.

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Bonita12 Tue 11-Mar-14 12:27:13

A young girl I know posted a video of her son drinking neat lemon juice on Facebook and I was horrified by it and wonder if I'm wrong saying this. I'll elaborate..

He's a three year old child and had his tonsils removed last week. He's been quite poorly because he then came down with an infection after going home. I know she has been struggling to get him to eat anything or take his medication and is tired too (she's a single parent with a smaller child at home too), but this morning she jokingly put a video of this boy drinking neat lemon juice on Facebook saying that she was expecting him to pull his face but of course he didn't.

I was appalled and shocked that somebody would give a small child with such a very sore throat neat lemon juice in that way and think it's funny to do it. Am I wrong in thinking this way?

I know that lemon juice can be good for infections (especially bladder infections) but not neat onto a raw wound in a toddler surely?

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