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DS age 2 has ear infection but has vomiting for five days now?

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Ber2291 Mon 10-Mar-14 14:06:08

Early Thursday morning my DS woke up having been sick in his bed. He was then sick after even a drop of water all day, incredibly lethargic and slept a lot. On Friday he was sick in the morning but managed to keep some food and water down. Still listless and tired but seemed to be better than the day before. Saturday he was sick again so I took him to Doctor first thing in morning who diagnosed an ear infection. He has now been taking antibiotics and seeming much better. Last night and this morning he has been chatting and playing, BUT he's still not himself and was sick a huge amount today. I feel like the fact that he's still vomiting seems wrong. Antibiotics usually seem to work so quickly and have had pretty much immediate effect on him before. Surely if the vomiting was due to the ear infection that should have subsided by now. And if the vomiting was from a bug then five days is a bit too long for it to have gone on? While he seems improved I do feel concerned at how long this seems to be going on for. Any advice or similar experiences?

LastingLight Mon 10-Mar-14 15:14:41

I agree with you, if the vomiting was due to the ear infection it should have subsided by now. Can you call the doc or take him back?

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