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DD has had diahorrea for several days but she's not unwell with it. Could it be an intolerance to something she's consumed?

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bryte Sun 09-Mar-14 19:12:42

She's 8. Last weekend she was sick 4 nights in a row, only vomiting once each night in the early hours. Each time she was fine the next day, all day long. I made her eat a more bland diet but then she'd be sick again that night. She went back to school but then a few days later complained of diahorrea, so I kept her off. Yesterday she was fine but it's back today. Again, she feels fine, no stomach pains, looks fine, isn't fatigued, has an appetite. I'm baffled.

No-one else in the family has caught it and there's no reports of anything going around at school. That has me wondering if it is food related. As a baby/toddler she used to vomit after getting Calpol and she has had skin reactions and red/blue rings under her eyes when she's eaten too much processed food (preservatives/colours?) Should I take her to the doctor or take a wait and see approach?

bryte Sun 09-Mar-14 19:21:55

I think I should have said food sensitivity not intolerance.

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