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One cycle sleep syndrome

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Peregrin Sun 09-Mar-14 07:33:27

Hello all,

I have posted here before about our sleep issues - sorry I can't find the thread now. My baby is now five months old and on Zantac against his acid reflux - thank you so much for the kind posters who suggested insisting on stronger medication.

He seems to be in less pain; but we are now back to the pattern of waking every blessed hour - more precisely, at the end of every sleep cycle. I am now back to work so this is even tougher on me. I know he is able to sleep longer and randomly, he pulls some good nights, which makes it even more confusing. This week, on Monday he woke all the time. On Tuesday, for the first time, he only woke once!! Wednesday, he had two or three cycles when he slept through, and afterwards he woke every cycle. Same for his naps.

I have read the Pantley book on naps (thinking I might need to solve that and then nighttime sleep may improve; also naps are supposed to be trickier so I figured it would have all the advice for night sleep and then some). I find it would be helpful if he slept fine provided I fed him to sleep every time and rocked him (which is what I do) - then I could start working on getting him to fall asleep alone etc. I have tried caressing and patting his back when he is in the light phase, to no avail. I must pick him up or he really wakes up and cries.

Any ideas? Others in the same boat?

EvaPeron Sun 09-Mar-14 20:42:05

Do you have a family history of asthma? One of the symptoms in very young children is frequent night waking. Everyone wakes up when their blood oxygen level starts to drop - which happens at the same point in the sleep cycle. Mine wake hourly when their breathing is bad but inhalers have helped us a lot.

If he is coughing a lot, particularly at night and seems worse in the aftermath of a cold, it might be worth a chat to your gp, although children are rarely diagnosed under 2, they can be affected.

Obviously, feel free to ignore if this doesn't seem to fit.

Peregrin Mon 10-Mar-14 10:18:34

Thanks, EvaPeron! Hm. Yes we do have a family history of asthma. The boy coughs a bit at night, but it's occasional. He hasn't had a cold yet, and he is still waking after I have installed a humidifier. Worth a check!

Peregrin Fri 14-Mar-14 11:19:49

Just to report back - we've seen the GP, he thinks it is not asthma but has no further ideas. His suggestion was that I reconsider whether I really need to keep working...

Oly4 Mon 17-Mar-14 12:58:18

My son had terrible reflux until he was at least six months old. I think the discomfort meant he got himself into a pattern of sleeping badly. At 23 months he still wakes in the night, though mostly only once or twice. Sometimes he sleeps right through. I have no advice other than my son was the same as yours and it will get better!! Hang in there

BraveLilBear Tue 18-Mar-14 12:10:35

Peregrin - new to this thread and have only sympathy to offer but seriously, the GP questioned your need to work? Wtf? That's horrendous. I'm mad for you angry

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