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Any doctors or anyone who knows abotu childrens Heart rates please help

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SquidBobSpongyPants Sat 08-Mar-14 14:25:21


My 3 year old son was admitted to hospital last night complaining of chest pain, he was diagnosed with possible pleurusy however they did note that his heart rate stays around 65-75 bmp which is slightly lower than normal however was occasionally rising to 110 which is is within normal range. He had an EKG done and they said it was a bit irregular but nothing to worry about. I have been keeping an eye on heart rate today and again at half 11 it was 70bpm, 12 it was 80 bmp then at half 1 it was 130bpm and just now when hes asleep its 118bpm. He has been tired but i would have assumed that it would be slower when tired rather than faster. He has no history of fainting or dizzyness although he does go pale quite often.

Also he has been prescribed clarithromycin which reading the warnings states it shoudlnt be taken by someone who has an irregular heartbeat howveer i have given it as the a+e doc who prescribed was the one investigating this and viewing the ekg so obviously he was aware and i assume he took this into consideration however the heart rate increase came about 20 minutes after his first done (i delayed his first dose until after i had had a little nap so i could keep an eye out for any possible reactions)

I will be going to the doctors on monday to discuss this with them and get their thoughts on this but in the meantime can anyone advise me if all this is relativly normal or if there is anything i should be particularly worried about/keep an eye on.

Also as not to drip feed i do have OCD and anxiety and a large proportion of that is linked to my childrens health so please please no scaremongers/people who really dont know what they are talking about


Ikeameatballs Sat 08-Mar-14 14:29:05


What you have described in your son is perfectly normal. Please do not worry. Some children do have slower heart rates than the typical range, if the ECG is normal (and some variation is normal) then you do not need to worry. HR also increases with temp so some of the rise in your ds's HR may have been related to that.

SquidBobSpongyPants Sat 08-Mar-14 14:35:55

ok that calms me a bit, thank you very much Ikeameatballs

DeWe Mon 10-Mar-14 10:59:49

My 6yo ds recently went for a grommet op, and they noted that his hear rate when resting was about 60. They said this was the low end of normal, but on the basis they were happy to go ahead with the general anasthetic, I guess they weren't too worried!

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