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6yr old daughter eye rolling tic - what is it?

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hellswelshy Thu 06-Mar-14 12:22:19

Hi just wondering if anybody else had experience of this. My 6yr old daughter,who is an identical twin, has recently started rolling her eyes. I think she did it occasionally previously when uncomfortable or embarrassed but a month ago it started to increase. I pointed it out to her gently, as wanted to see if she realised and also to say that enrolling may appear rude to some people, like teachers. She said she couldn't help it and got a bit upset so I dropped and reassured her it was fine, just one of those things. After this we had a very busy time at home, with visitors and lots going on and she and her sister were overtures. At this point the eyerolling really stepped up! We took her to our GP and were told to keep an eye on it, that it MAY be a tic or mild seizure...I admit I was a little worried. Then as we have all had more rest and relaxation, and stopped mentioning it to her it seems to have drastically decreased. She is still doing it but about 80% less than before?
Anybody else had experience of this or who could shed some light on it?

hellswelshy Thu 06-Mar-14 12:24:16

Sorry few typos ...should say over tired not overtures and eye rolling not enrolling....

tmae Thu 06-Mar-14 14:22:46

I am by not means an expert in the slightest but it sounds stress related. I've had slight compulsion tic things in the past and they are always worse when I am tired or stressed, or when I am actively aware of what I'm doing but they have generally faded away. Sorry I can't be of any real use.

hellswelshy Thu 06-Mar-14 19:29:57

Thanks for the reply; i definitely think its stress/tiredness related too. She can be a bit of a anxious little being at times.. I just want to understand it i suppose and rule out anything else.

babypup Thu 20-Mar-14 13:08:22

My son has had the same thing on and off this past year, but in the form of blinking rapidly/exaggerated blinking. Mainly when relaxing, like he loses control. Have been told it's a tic also. It did stop for 4 months July-Nov, but has started back up again. He was 4 when it started last May. You are not alone with tics x

ClockWatchingLady Thu 20-Mar-14 18:39:01

I think the majority of tics sort themselves out over time with no intervention. Sounds like you're doing a good thing by not making too much of it, and minimising stress.

oOlaurenOo Sat 22-Mar-14 11:23:56

I had many tics as a child. Excessive blinking, eye rolling, head nodding and an odd dull noise from back of my throat. Never all at the same time thankfully!.... They all disappeared before I hit my teens bur the noise one came back during my pregnancy with ds 4yrs ago... 15yrs after it had stopped!.... I can keep it undercontrol but it does get worse whem strwssed x

She should grow out of it xxx

tacal Sat 22-Mar-14 15:21:38

My ds does this. It definitely seems to be related to anxiety. I have been told my ds may be zoning out when he does it because he wants to remove himself from the situation for a while. Or it could be for sensory input (sensory seeking).

He had an appointment with a neurologist to check if it could be absence seizures but neurologist did not think so.

It is a bit worrying, so reassuring to here other dc's do this too.

hellymelly Sat 22-Mar-14 15:33:40

My dd had the same eye rolling tic at 6. In her case the trigger was huge stress at school, we took her out and then changed school, and the tic stopped. however every now and again she gets a little tic for a while, usually if she is stressed or just overtired, at the moment she has a slight face pull tic, which has been there for a month or so, after about a year of no tics. She isn't stressed but is growing fast and quite tired out. They seem to just fade away. The eye rolling tic is a common one, I know a teenage boy and an adult who both had it as young children, neither have tics now.

Scvbarros Wed 19-Jul-17 18:43:53

Get some magnesium vitamins and fish oil guys my 5 year old had this for 9 months and i took the ipad off him and started him on magnesium vitamins and the omega 3 oil and it stopped after a week!! I was so worried i didnt sleep for months worrying. I kept taking him back to the doctors and they were just saying its a faze but i done some research i would highly recommend vitamins 100%!!! Hopefully this can help other parents that are worried xx

Nonibaloni Wed 19-Jul-17 18:47:55

Is it eye rolling like a teenager, so turning eyes right up and holding them there? Or is it like they're bouncing or scanning up and down?
Did she say whether she was assure of it.
Might be worth an eye test if it's the latter?

SNF88 Wed 19-Jul-17 22:58:37

My daughter started eye blinking and various other tics at the age of 6 - she is now 11. They come and go and can sometimes be unnoticeable and other times be a bit odd looking. That being said, no one has ever commented on it.
I do think there is a link with anxiety so I never mention her tic (unless she wants to talk about it) and I just let her get on with it.
I have used magnesium supplements before and found them to be helpful. An alternative is a bath a few times a week with a cup of Epsom bath salts and some lavender oil... it's really calming. I also put the lavender oil on her pillow so she has a relaxing sleep.
I find allergies to be a trigger for my daughter so I give her antihistimes too, if necessary.

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