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Asthma and a long flight -Go or cancel?

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Fouette Wed 05-Mar-14 23:50:03

Ds is 15months old and has recently been diagnosed with asthma. We are under gp care and also under by a paediatrician.

Background is 4 bouts of bronchiolitus, one of possible pneumonia. Asthma in my family heavily. Eczema on both sides. Asthma is felt to be likely in Ds.

Ds just spent the weekend in hospital for his first diagnosed asthma attack. We are still using ventalin 6hrly as prescribed in our asthma plan by the paed.

On the 22nd were booked to fly to the uk from Sydney via Hong Kong and then return a month later.

Would I be unreasonable to go or should I delay the flight? Is the dry air likely to set off an attack?

We are going for both my parents 60th.

Paed said yes, no worries. I haven't asked my gp yet. My mum - who dealt with my brothers asthma think I should delay. My dad (parents divorced) thinks it's fine and we should come.


lollipoppi Thu 06-Mar-14 13:46:18

Tricky one.

The thing with asthma is you can never predict the next attack

I think the only think I would be worried about is going from a warm (I presume) climate to a cold one, although the weather here is going to pick up next week apparently

If you go I would get an asthma plan from your GP/asthma nurse, research the nearest local hospitals ect just incase.

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